MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — You say the warm weather in early March is getting mixed reviews?

Not everyone is savoring the warmth.

Case in point, 3-year-old Anna’s grandparents. Grandpa Randy Lundell says, “I like this!”

Grandma Susan Lundell says, “I just, I like the snow, I don’t know. I like to feel it crunching underneath my feet and I like to cross country ski. I like crisp, cold days.”

While pushing Anna in a stroller through Loring Park, Randy says, “It’s unusual but it’s happened before, it’s not like it’s never happened.”

He’s right. It was the sixth warmest February on record. And it’s been the 10th warmest winter.

Alec Larson enjoyed a long walk with his parent’s dog.

“It’s nice to be outside but it kind of scares me that it’s this warm this early in the spring,” Larson said.

Maxi seems just fine with it, and so do other active sunshine savorers.  We found a dozen friends playing Goaltimate Frisbee.

“We like to get out, play some Goaltimate every once in a while. Beautiful weather today so it’s a good opportunity to get out and enjoy Minnesota March,” Ben Feldman said.

It’s offseason for this 4-on-4 Frisbee in a goal game.

“We were scoping this out probably five or six days ago when we saw the forecast, definitely wanting to get out,” Feldman said.

That forecast has been historic lately, according to a report by the DNR. The Twin Cities has seen 18 straight months of above average temperatures, the longest streak on record.

Lots of us have been trying to figure out how rare these temps are. This really breaks it down for you – some new stats from the DNR.

Susan-Elizabeth Littlefield