MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Teenagers sometimes have a reputation for having a little bit of an attitude. This week’s Kylie’s Kid does as well … and Eddie’s only 9 years old!

He’s still one of the sweetest children around and very good at finding ways to stay busy as he waits for a new heart.

“He is not your typical 9 year old,” said Chris Kunze, Eddie’s mom. “He has a little bit of a teenage attitude.”

“For being 9 and raised by teenagers, that’s my attitude,” said Eddie.

Eddie has 4 older brothers and sisters. He’s the youngest of his family, and currently is in third grade. But the school year didn’t go exactly as planned.

It started the same as everyone else, Chris said, but soon Eddie was getting sick a lot and was extra tired.

“September, October, November, he was taking a lot of naps,” said Chris.

Since Eddie was born with heart defect, his mother knew something was wrong. Even though Eddie had been healthy for years, he was now in heart failure.

“It snuck up on us,” said Chris.

He got on the transplant list Jan. 18.

“I call it ‘The Wait.’ We just wait,” said Chris. “Ed doesn’t want to talk about it. He understands it, he knows it’s happening, but he doesn’t like to talk about it.”

But Eddie likes to talk about plenty of other things, like his love for geography.

“Well it all started when I was 3,” said Eddie. “There are 103 countries in the whole world.”

Another topic of choice: what he wants to be when he grows up.

“I have three choices: a policeman, a movie actor or a movie director,” said Eddie. “If I was a director then I’d get to boss people around, which I never get to do.”

But for now he’ll settle for entertaining everyone at Masonic Children’s Hospital.