MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – The Ramsey County Attorney’s Office Monday declined to file charges against six counter-protesters arrested Saturday at a pro-Trump rally at the State Capitol.

Anton Bueckert was arrested on disorderly conduct charges. Jonathan Adams, Linwood Kaine, Glenn Kimball, Isabell Kimball and Haley Ryan were arrested on felony rioting charges.

Monday, the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office said there were insufficient facts to prove felony-level riot. The attorney’s office said State Patrol has presented the case to the St. Paul City Attorney’s Office for consideration of misdemeanor charges.

Hundreds gathered at the State Capitol Saturday for the “March 4 Trump” rally. While pro-Trump speakers rallied the crowd, anti-Trump protesters chanted and hung banners from the rotunda.

The arrests occurred after a man appeared to be hit in the face and pepper spray was sprayed into the crowd.

The Minnesota Republican Party released a statement Monday condemning the violence at the Capitol and blaming democrats for “coordinating disruption and violence throughout the election, and now after it with their ‘resistance’ efforts.”

Similar pro-Trump rallies were held across the country Saturday.

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    1. Jack Hackney says:

      Which panty wearer are you Allen? I was wondering if you and your fellow vermin types were planning on paying for the clean up? No? You feel the taxpayer should? My oh my Allen, you are tinier than we thought. 😉

    1. Jack Hackney says:

      Indeed it is hard to tell. Maybe they all are boy partial girly types in TG mends?

    2. 5 have facial hair, but 2 are women? The top middle is a girl…..which other one is?

  1. insufficient facts to prove charges but we know what side was violent. Thank you Dems,Progressives. I want to here you say “This is not how we are”.

  2. Ray Brown says:

    The DA is just as useless as the cops that SAW me get attacked by a skinny jean masked punk there and did nothing about it. This is just going to embolden them. I will not restrain myself next time seeing law enforcement is a misnomer in this state.

  3. Nac Cooley says:

    Well the good thing is now everyone knows who they are…..they put their fate in their own hands. Hopefully they will be kicked off welfare.

  4. I just called Ramsey County Attorney’s Office to lodge a complaint and they said they had nothing to do with this decision – that Samuel J. Clark the Saint Paul City Attorney made the decision. Get your act together, CBS. Flood his voicemail: 651-266-8710

    1. So, Ramsey County was mistaken and it was not the city’s decision, but their decision after all. The County should not be sending people to the City to make their complaints when the city has nothing to do with it. CYA BS. Flood Ramsey County Attorney – 651-266-3222

  5. Yet they are throwing the book at Stick Man out in Berkeley.

  6. The county attorney is doing them no favors. Next time, knowing that the officials are not going to do their jobs, matters will be taken into the hands of those having the peaceful rally. The snowflakes will be beaten to a bloody pulp in a rather quick fashion.

    1. Ray Egan says:

      I agree completely! Give them a few weeks in the hospital and then it won’t matter whether the gutless county attorney charges them or not.

  7. Matt Baier says:

    WCCO, why no comment that Linwood ‘Woody’ Kaine is the son of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine?? Seriously…this isn’t news !?!

  8. The d in Democrats is capitalized, WCCO. Didn’t you learn that in English or journalism class?