ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Demonstrators were at the State Capitol, asking Minnesota lawmakers to add tougher restrictions to the state’s gun laws.

Protesters rallied in the rotunda on Tuesday. They’re calling on lawmakers, wanting restrictions on gun sales and tougher background checks.

They say it can help prevent more gun violence.

“Not one. Not one more victim of gun violence on our watch is acceptable.  And we will move heaven and earth to protect our own. Not one more death, not one more cop, not one more grandma, not one more baby. Not one more,” Metro Transit Police Chief John Harrington said.

Tuesday’s rally comes one day before the Minnesota House hears two gun rights bills. One would allow legal gun owners to openly carry weapons without a permit. Another expands Minnesota’s “Stand your Ground” laws.

Comments (4)
  1. corkyf says:

    The loony left slithers forward again.

  2. To have this not one more mean there couldn’t be a single gun in the hand of the population. That’s a clear violation of the 2nd amendment. get bent.

  3. Ben Boniff says:

    Freaks and ignorant ones at that
    That “Not one more … ” we all get but these freaks just don’t seem to get it is not the legal law abiding people doing the killing. Why ? – Because they evidently have no functioning brains I guess.
    Maybe the need to go see the Wizard for one

  4. Big mouth liberals. They need to be rounded up and penned in cages.