By Jeff Wagner

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Police in the north metro say a man was arrested Wednesday at Champlin Park High School after he allegedly engaged in sex acts with a student in a school bathroom.

Brooklyn Park police say the 42-year-old man entered the school around noon to meet a student with whom he had prearranged an encounter. In a school bathroom, the man and the student are believed to have engaged in sex acts.

Officials with the Anoka-Hennepin School District say the student helped the man enter the building.

In a note to parents, the school’s principal said other students noticed the man acting suspicious and alerted administrators. School officials and security officers apprehended the man and held him until police arrived.

A shot of the suspect being arrested (credit: CBS)

Police say the man was arrested for criminal sexual conduct and is being detained in the Brooklyn Park Jail. His name was not released.

Students captured images and video of the arrest and posted them on social media. One student, a freshman, told WCCO’s Jeff Wagner that he wants to know how the man could get into the school without administrators knowing.

“I don’t know if it was easy for them to get in, but seriously that’s not right that someone can get in the school,” the student said.

Parents shared similar concerns.

Looking at smartphone can be distracting for students at school, but at Champlin Park High School many said it’s all they could focus Wednesday.

“Throughout all the halls that’s all you could hear was in the halls like, people talking about it,” said a freshman who asked we hide his identity. “Phones everywhere with the Snapchat story on it.”

The story included pictures of the 42-year-old man getting arrested after police said he engaged in sexual acts with an adult student in a school bathroom. There was also a video being shared on social media of the man in the school.

“The question is, how did the person get in?” asked parent Troy Ludgate. “Because they generally have very good security here. The other school and this school you have to slide your driver’s license in. There’s somebody sitting there and it’s not an easy school to access.”

Although police say the student arranged to meet the suspect, there are still several factors that could lead to a criminal sexual misconduct charge.

Principal Michael George said the school is investigating the incident and reviewing its safety procedures.

Jeff Wagner