ST. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) — Senator Amy Klobuchar met with Jewish leaders in St. Paul on Sunday.

Klobuchar hosted a discussion at the St. Paul Jewish Community Center to talk about recent threats against the Jewish community. Local advocates as well as faith and business leaders attended.

Klobuchar is pushing for more funding to improve security and add resources at JCC’s and other faith centers. There have been more than 140 bomb threats made against Jewish centers and schools this year, and two of them were in the Twin Cities.

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“It’s just not Minnesota and I was really proud of how the Jewish community stood with the Muslim community when they were suffering these hate crimes and now it’s happened to the Jewish community and it just makes you realize no one is immune from this,” Klobuchar said.

Klobuchar said even though she’s not Jewish, she has fond memories of being involved at the JCC in St. Louis Park when she was growing up.

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  1. Jack Hackney says:

    You tell them Amy and BTW, why does it seem you liberal types still cannot remember that the Native Americans on the various reservations live in the greatest poverty in the whole USA??
    Not enough votes you say ??? hmmmmmm. I suppose if they start breeding like rabbits you might care but then they’d all starve to death before 18 anyway.
    The Native American – not a prayer from the get go.
    Tsk tsk liberal do gooders. They were here first …. just sayin’ 😉

  2. Why do Amy’s solutions always come out of my back pocket?