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Making changes to technology can help your office run more smoothly in the long run, but there may be a period of adjustment for employees. But your office doesn’t have to sacrifice productivity simply because the employees are learning new features of improved technology. Here are a few tips to keep your office running smoothly during the learning curve.


Plan For Hiccups

Don’t expect everything to run like normal while employees are getting used to the new technology. Some may learn faster than others, but many will likely struggle for a little while. Be sure to consider this when allocating work or planning deadlines for upcoming projects.


Roll Out Slowly

If your office has a few people who are great with new technology, roll out new equipment to them first and let them train others. For example, new lines of office printers on the market can be controlled remotely with apps. Rather than letting everyone download the app, designate one or two people in the office to test it out, and they can troubleshoot potential problems before the technology goes to everyone else in the office.


Use Tech Support

Many tech suppliers have large customer support teams, and if you need someone to come train your employees, you may be able to have a someone from customer service come to your office. This allows your employees to voice their concerns and address specific issues they may have with the new equipment.


New technology is often meant to make life easier for your employees and encourage them to be more productive. But transitioning to new equipment can be a bumpy time, especially if your current technology is old and/or outdated. You may also face resistance from employees who are reluctant to change. By getting some people in your office on board early, you can train the office more efficiently and keep things running smoothly.


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