MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A diversity group at Gustavus Adolphus College has apologized for upsetting students following a social justice experiment that involved posters calling on white Americans to report “illegal aliens,” adding that they are criminals in a “white nation.”

The Gustavus Diversity Leadership Council, a student-run organization representing 21 groups on the St. Peter campus, says a subcommittee put up the provocative posters Monday on two campus buildings as part of a collaboration with a social justice troupe.

The goal of the stunt was to start a dialogue on discrimination, as A-frames were put up along with the posters, advising passers-by on what they can do if they witness discrimination.

However, some students only saw the posters, which were quickly torn down. Later, images of them appeared on social media, without the accompanying A-frames.

Student Angela Herrera was upset with the posters, telling SouthernMinnesotaNews.com that they didn’t take into account of the “real life feelings and experience the Latino community goes through.”

In a Facebook post, the campus diversity organization says it understands that the language in the posters may be hurtful. “We apologize to those who were negatively impacted,” the organization said.

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  1. Ask Gladys! says:

    Disgusting. They should be expelled.

  2. I am a student on this campus who works in the IT department, I can tell you now that I was in and out of both the academic buildings all day where this experiment/theatre performance took place and did NOT see any A-Frames nor administrative staff talking about this.

  3. So, let’s see if I have this right. A group of people tried to manipulate the populace at large to further their agenda. Their stated purpose had good intentions, but their methods were less than honorable, in fact, they followed an, “The ends justify the means”, mindset. We should forgive them, though, because they were trying to make things better?