MINNEAPOLIS (AP) — A Muslim civil rights group is calling on the broader public to help fight bigotry.

The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations is holding an event Saturday designed to get thousands of Minnesotans to stand up against hate.

CAIR-MN’s Executive Director Jaylani Hussein says there have been two incidents in the last week of Muslim women being followed in Minnesota. He says Muslims can’t fight hatred alone.

Those who attend Saturday’s event will be given ideas for concrete actions they can take to help — such as taking a stand on social media or hosting community conversations.

About 1,200 tickets have been sold for Saturday’s event, and Hussein anticipates that number will grow. The event kicks off a larger campaign to get 10,000 Minnesotans active in challenging bigotry.

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Comments (4)
  1. Kally Omally says:

    OMG!..two incidents in the last week of Muslim women being followed in Minnesota” Many women in Minnesota are followed and assaulted every day. Muslims are not special in any way.
    How about a rally for all women.

  2. Kally Omally says:

    All Muslim children are taught that their god says it it not wrong to kill Jews and other non-Muslims. Who in their right mind would support a group like that?

  3. Kally Omally says:

    This is nothing more than the continuation of outside groups trying to get the American people to fight themselves. This is all part of the plan to halt the American dream and change the rule of law that grants “everyone” equality under the law.

  4. All Muslims are terrorists and terrorist supporters. End of discussion.