MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Sen. Al Franken says he will vote against President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch.

The Democratic senator announced his decision on WCCO Sunday Morning, telling Esme Murphy that he fears Gorsuch will rule in favor of corporations, not workers and consumers.

Earlier in the week, Franken grilled Gorsuch during a confirmation hearing, bringing up a case where the then-appeals court judge ruled against a truck driver who claimed to be wrongly fired by his employer.

The truck driver said he risked hypothermia when his brakes froze amid subzero temperatures. Instead of possibly waiting hours for service in a cab with no heat – which is what his employer wanted – he unhitched the cab and left his cargo to find warmth.

Franken asked the Supreme Court nominee what he would have done if he were that driver. Gorsuch said he didn’t know.

“He was in the minority in that case,” Franken said on WCCO Sunday Morning. “He was the one dissenting vote. He really did not put himself in the shoes of that driver.”

On Thursday, Democratic leaders in the Senate said they plan to filibuster Gorsuch’s nomination.

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  1. Having been a truck driver, I was interested in the details of what Franken grilled Gorsuch about. The story isn’t as simple as laid out here. The truck driver was fired for incompetence and failing to follow instructions, not safety reasons. The driver did not refuel his truck as his company instructed him to. A competent trucker knows that you don’t let your fuel run low in subzero weather. Later, he was about to run out of fuel so he pulled off the road and set the trailer brakes, which again a competent trucker knows not to do in freezing weather as they will stick. He could not run the truck’s engine to keep it warm (because that would run the truck completely out of fuel). Instead, he unhitched from the trailer and abandoned his valuable load, which is a big, big no-no in the trucking industry.

    If he had refueled in the first place and/or not set his trailer brakes, he wouldn’t have gotten himself into such a bad situation. Yes, he did what he had to do in order to get out of that situation, but it was his own poor decisions that got him there in the first place. Rather than sue his employer for firing him, he should have accepted responsibility for his actions, learned from it and moved on with another company.

    1. Thanks for giving us the FULL picture, Randy. I’m sure Franken never looked at that.

  2. Al and Amy needs to come home. Both had demonstrated that they are not needed. Both supported unlimited scope of executive orders under obama and both want activists judges. With their believes there are no need for senators.
    Neil Gorsuch believes in the rule of law, the Constitution, and roles of the three branches. He is an excellent choice for all of America. Al is an $*&@*! and that is being nice.

  3. Jeff Mannino says:

    and like the last 12+ years I will vote against Amy and Al. Especially after seeing their embarrassing asinine questioning. It really was a sneak peak into their intellect and judgement.

  4. Jack Hackney says:

    Al’s in need of meds and Amy – well, she got lost along the way too.
    Funny thing is Al was a flunky on SNL and that was actually when he maybe had a little something. Now he’s like a case of bad gas