MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Getting glasses in elementary school is pretty common, but when this week’s Kylies Kid went to the eye doctor, they couldn’t fix the problem. That’s when they learned Jurnee needed much more than just eye glasses.

Jurnee is anything but shy about the scar on her head. In fact, she might even insist you cover it in tattoos. And she has no problem telling the story behind the scar.

“I had a biopsy right here,” said Jurnee.

Back in October, Jurnee started having trouble with her eyesight. No matter the prescription, glasses didn’t help. So two months later, Jurnee went to the hospital.

“We had to go there for an MRI and it was 2 and a half hours,” said Jurnee. “That was a long time.”

Doctors discovered Jurnee had a brain tumor right on her optic nerve. The next day, she was on a plane from Minot North Dakota to Masonic Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis.

When asked what it was like going into surgery, Jurnee said it was scary.

“You don’t know what it’s going to be like inside the surgery room,” Jurnee said.

Doctors can’t remove Jurnee’s tumor so she’s here for chemo and radiation, hundreds of miles from her home town.

So, what does she miss about home when she’s in Minnesota?

“Home,” said Jurnee. “I don’t think we should talk about this, otherwise I’m gonna start to cry.”

So Jurnee focuses on the positive.

“When it’s windy outside, I don’t have to have my hair messed up,” Jurnee said.

She spends her days making everyone laugh and helping out her nurses, which could come in handy one day.

“I might want to be a nurse to tell kids why they’re going through their situation,” Jurnee said.

So she can help other kids, just like her.

“I would tell them to be strong and to not get worried about it because the doctors and the nurses are going to take care of them,” Jurnee said.

Jurnee is going through chemo right now, then she’ll have radiation before she’s able to go back home. They’re hoping that’s sometime in June.

If you’d like to help with Jurnee’s medical expenses, visit her GoFundMe Page.