Unlike Washington D.C., the ladies of the Realish Housewives of Edina are back for a second season.

Last year, Hennepin Theatre Trust debuted the parody show, “The Realish Housewives.”

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The series, written by Chicago writers Kate James and Tim Sniffen, aimed to take the popular reality T.V. show that glorifies lavish lifestyles and bring it to America’s heartland.

The show began its run in Edina and traveled to cities across the country, like Des Moines.

Now, it’s back and bigger than ever.

Seriously, it’s big.

As with the real franchise, Season 2 gets even more ridiculous.

Brooke, Claudia-Louise, Gwen and Ravonka return, along with a new housewife: Delilah.

Delilah is taking the place of her sister, Desiree, who fell to an unfortunate demise after the first season. While a bit unrealistic, her death does allude to why the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center is being torn up.

Delilah has the same congenial attitude as Desiree, but unlike her late-twin she is incredibly smart. As you can imagine, this doesn’t go over well with the other ladies.

As an ode to Teresa Giudice from the New Jersey series, Gwen has returned from jail.

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While her money scheming ways have not changed, she’s also focused her attentions on love. Gwen’s romance is one of the more far-fetched plot lines of the play, but it does poke fun at the gold-digging reputation of the show.

Ravonka also lost a bit of her spunk from Season 1. Having had reconstructive surgery in between seasons, she wasn’t quite able to bring the over-the-top humor as before.

But, in true Ravonka fashion, she still owned the show in her attempts to become a life coach to audience members.

However, it’s clear that Brooke and Claudia-Louise are Edina’s Vicki and Tamara.

The pair are the central drama and have the most compelling storylines.

After having an affair with CL’s husband, Brooke has found a new man and has had a baby. Though, motherhood has not stopped her from creating several new companies and attending every social function. However, trouble arises when Brooke’s little Beyoncé has trouble focusing her eyes.

Claudia-Louise, newly single, is refocusing, re:smothering, on her children. From her juicy gossip to her flawless fashion, she creates the catty conversations and vicious fights the show is known for. Also, much like Ravonka’s life coaching, her dating life leads to some unique audience interaction.

While the novelty of the parody has worn off a bit from the first season, “Realish Season 2” still offers audiences a good laugh at the Twin Cities suburb’s idiosyncrasies.

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The Realish Housewives of Edina Season 2” is open now through April 15. Tickets cost $33. For more information, or to purchase tickets, visit Hennepin Theatre Trust online.