MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Nice Ride Minnesota is launching its eighth straight season of downtown Minneapolis bike rental on Monday.

Starting Monday morning, people can start using the bright green bikes to get around the cities. Nice Ride has been in the Twin Cities since 2010. More cities across the country are adapting similar programs.

The Department of Transportation says there are at least 46 bike sharing programs nationwide.

It’s also another sign that winter is likely over and spring is here.

For 2017, Nice Ride rates are the following:

$3 per half hour

$6 for 24 hour pass (each ride can last 30 minutes)

$18 for 30 day membership (each ride can last 60 minutes)

$75 for 1 year membership (each ride can last 60 minutes)

For more information, you can download the Nice Ride app.