MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — A new exhibit is looking back 100 years at the conflict known as ‘the war to end all wars.’

“World War One America” is a new display at the Minnesota History Center. The exhibit contains an original “draft bowl” used in the first selective service lottery in 1917.

In all, 79,000 Minnesotans were inducted to fight the war.

“In St. Paul, there were 11 local boards in World War I. There were 13 local boards in Minneapolis, and of the 121 local boards in the state of Minnesota, 79,000 were inducted from the state,” Adam Copp of the U.S. Selective Service System explained at the exhibit. “The patriotism and ideals of service that are represented in this bowl are carried on today.”

You can check out the draft bowl and many other items at the “World War One America” exhibit starting Saturday.