FALCON HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) —┬áCity leaders in Falcon Heights have taken the first step in ending a more than two-decade relationship with the St. Anthony Police Department.

Both the city and the police department have come under intense scrutiny in recent months after the shooting of Philando Castile last July.

On Wednesday night, Falcon Heights City Council members unanimously approved a motion to allow the city to take new bids for police service.

This comes as the city of St. Anthony took its first steps in changing the contract between the two cities.

Right now, the contract states that the city of St. Anthony is financially liable for the actions of St. Anthony officers in Falcon Heights, yet the city has no say in how the officers are hired or disciplined.

The mayor of Falcon Heights claims the actions of the city council are simply a response to the actions of St. Anthony officials.

“This action … was not driven by the police officers who provided good service for more than two decades to our city. It’s driven by the resolution passed by city council on March 28 that states the police service agreement with Falcon Heights should be modified,” Mayor Peter Lindstrom said.

Looking forward, Falcon Heights will now start sending out letters to neighboring police departments to gauge their interest in contracting with the city.

They will have about two weeks to respond and then council members will come back together to decide the next step.

  1. Why would another outside agency touch this toxic city council? A council that appears to listen to outsiders. Is an illegal drug advocate steering this council? I got to think that the St Anthony Police Officers want out. Is this the same council that wants select traffic law enforcement? Think of the liability. If one of my daughters got injured in a Falcon Heights car accident by rear ending someone without brake lights, I would sue that city for their enforcement policy. Couple of years ago I was stopped by a police officer. She informed me that I had a tail light out. It was a great exchange. I thanked her.
    An officer shot in self defense. The media is bias. The driver was armed and drug impaired. Why does the media point out an unarmed police shooting in every report, but leaves out the label of armed, when armed? BIAS! I could only imagine the hell those officers are dealing with.
    Thank you Law Enforcement! May God Bless You.