CBS Local — Since February, April the giraffe has been in the news for an imminent birth. Well, apparently we all jumped the gun on ‘imminent birth.’ Fear not, she’s not the only giraffe who’s been pregnant recently. Zoos have welcomed these additions to their giraffe families all over the world in the time since we first started tuning into April.

The Denver Zoo saw the birth of a baby giraffe named Dobby on February 28. Zookeepers did not know until recently that his mother, Kipele, was pregnant since she was on birth control.

British zoo keepers at South Lakes Safari Zoo celebrated the birth of a rare West African giraffe on March 21.

“We are very proud to have the only West African Giraffes in the U.K. here,” said a zoo spokesperson.

Also in England, eight-year-old Orla gave birth to a rare Rothschild’s giraffe calf on April 3rd at The Chester Zoo.

Back on this side of the Atlantic Ocean, on that very same day, not one but two giraffes gave birth. One at the Memphis Zoo and one at the Toledo Zoo.

We’re still waiting on the phenom that peaked our interest in giraffe babies, anyway. Only time will tell when April adds to the giraffe baby boom this year.