MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Black religious leaders in the Twin Cities made an appeal Thursday to Christian legislators to reconsider proposed cuts to Metro Transit.

A group of ministers spoke at a news confernce about the transportation bills proposed in the Legislature, which would bring service cutbacks and fare increases to the transit operator.

The Metropolitan Council says the cuts would create a $125 million shortfall for Metro Transit over the next two-year funding cycle.

Clergy members said they believe the proposal would have a devastating impact on communities of color, low-income and the elderly people in the Twin Cities.

Comments (3)
  1. That may be but part of the reason for the cuts is because too much funding is going to the cities at the expense of the rest of the state. Are you suggesting the rest of the state’s roads take more of a beating in favor of the twin cities bus riders?

  2. Ben Boniff says:

    Appears to be the case doesn’t it.
    Now imagine if that light rail sinkhole was nota reality – no shortage at all. Money be falling from the sky

    1. Sam Netherly says:

      I was thinking on the opposite side of the fence, and wondering how any race, creed, or color could be disadvantaged by cutting back a light rail system with practically ZERO riders. The answer, obviously, is that it IS the light rail system that is the white elephant in the TC metro, and if it could be cut back it would indeed snow $100 bills. Unfortunately, too many politicians who are still around voted for this boondoggle, so they can’t afford to talk out of the other side of their face and admit that it was a tremendous waste of taxpayer money.