By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — The first female police chief in Minneapolis is making a push to increase the number of women in the department.

In a new video, the department features female officers — in and out of uniform. The hope is to bring more women into the profession.

“It’s a whole different perspective in the way you see the world and the experiences you have,” Chief Janee Harteau said.

Harteau says her goal is to highlight the important role women play in the department. She wants people to see that the badge does not define who the women are.

“I think this video will help to show women in-uniform, but more importantly out-of-uniform, and that you can still be a mom, you can still take care of your family, you can still be the person you are and do your job,” Harteau said.

Harteau says women make up 15 percent of the force — that’s above the national average of 11 percent. MPD has 127 female officers out of 871, and the police chief says women bring tremendous skills to policing.

“They are excellent problem solvers, communications,” she said. “Some of the greatest challenges, issues, we have today are in the areas of de-escalation, having effective communication, building effective teams.”

Harteau says statistics prove women officers use excessive force less frequently than their male counterpoints. She believes more women can lead to better relations with all communities. She believes it’s possible for women to make up 25 percent of officers on the force.

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Reg Chapman

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