CHICAGO (AP) — A lawyer for a man dragged off a United Express flight says he suffered a concussion and broken nose and lost two front teeth, and that the experience was more horrifying than when he left Vietnam during the fall of Saigon.

Attorney Thomas Demetrio said at a news conference Thursday that Dr. David Dao has been discharged from a hospital but will need reconstructive surgery.

Dao was removed from the plane Sunday after he refused to give up his seat on the full flight from Chicago to Louisville.

His daughter says the family was “horrified, shocked and sickened” to learn and see what happened.

Crystal Pepper says seeing her father removed from the Sunday flight was “exacerbated” by the fact it was caught on video and widely distributed.

Demetrio says airlines have “bullied” passengers “for a long time.” He also says he “probably” will file a lawsuit on Dao’s behalf.

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  1. Whether you agree with overbooking or not the airline has a legal right to prioritize it’s functionality by getting it’s crew on that plane to meet it’s needs for other flights. Leaving seats empty for a just in case is also likely to raise ticket costs to cover those empty seats if you didn’t think of that. It says in the ticket they have the right to remove you for this purpose. Want that changed? Ok try to do that through legal means. But it is their plane and you agree to the terms when you buy a ticket. Acting like a child fighting your removal can potentially get you injured. Those are actions you chose so are you really a victim? It’s not like they beat him. They used force to pull him out of that seat.. it’s not the same as punching, kicking, etc. He’s responsible for his own situation by latching onto the seat like a toddler throwing a hissy fit. You’ve got to remember this is their plane. It’s not a public place in the sense of standing on a sidewalk. They own it and like any business.. they can refuse service to anyone. Yes it’s at times inconvenient and frustrating for many but acting like you’re 4 isn’t the right way to change anything and then act like the Gestapo beat you for no reason.

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