MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Some April Fools’ jokes are better than others. Some are so good they become reality.

That’s the case with the St. Paul Saints’ 50 Names/50 Games announcement. On April Fools’ Day, the team announced they would adopt a different moniker for each home game in the upcoming season.

The Saints actually released a list of 50 names, most all of them being jokes at the expense of Minnesotans. Some of the highlights include the Long Goodbyes, the Oh Fer Cutes and the Backed Up Zipper Mergers.

Friday, the Saints announced that, for one night only, they will actually adopt one of the names on the list.

Fans can go to the Saints’ Facebook page to vote for one of five names – the Duck Duck Gray Ducks, the Holy Buckets, Minnesota Nice, the Guttural Uff Da’s or the Minnesota Cabin Goers.

The team even put together mock-ups of a jersey for each name.

saints fake name jerseys Which Minnesotan Moniker Should The Saints Temporarily Adopt?

(credit: St. Paul Saints)

The winning name will be adopted for the team’s Aug. 19 game against the Cleburne Railroaders.


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