Small business owners need to work hard and smart, otherwise they would never get what they need to get done before the next challenge pops up. Those who work smartest however, are those who know what, when and how to delegate tasks. Savvy small business owners look for technologies that can save them time, effort, and in the long run money. Here are just three technologies that can help get the job done, while freeing up the owner’s time for more important things, such as a little personal time to recharge.



Having a Facebook page is not enough to attract, let alone reach the right customers. Businesses need to establish a presence on Facebook, and one that is directed at those who are most likely to buy their product or use their services. While Facebook has always had tools to create ads, AdExpresso is a technology tool that can do that and much more, and with very little time, effort or cost. It is one of the few advertising creation softwares that are truly user-friendly, and do not require an expert or even someone with experience in using ad-creation software. It is also one of the few that lets an individual create and run multiple ads, and allows the designer to create different versions of ads quickly and easily, keeping track of which are most effective with targeted groups. AdExpresso lets a small business owner set up a directed advertising campaign for $49 a month. It’s top-of-the line campaign can be run for $299 a month, and there is a one-month free trial offer that lets small business owners experiment with the technology to see if it is right for them.


Small business owners use a variety of mobile devices to help them manage many tasks, but getting those devices to work together can be difficult and time-consuming. Evernote is a free app that does just that. Make or capture a note or picture on one device, and Evernote makes it available on all devices. It is a quick and easy way to keep track of, find and share documents, pictures, files, images and even notes that have been scrawled down on a napkin at lunch. As long as they have been captured by one device, they can be found by any other device with which they have been linked by the app. That alone makes the app worthwhile, as it lets a small business owner find something they need whenever and wherever they are, in or out of the office.


Many small business owners spend far too much time getting out and keeping track of the invoices sent to their clients. Accountants and billing clerks can be very expensive, and by the time a small business is big enough to afford them, it isn’t really all that small of a business. Due is one of a number of online invoicing services that helps create and manage invoices. Due includes timer software that automatically lets a business owner know when clients have paid or are overdue, and by how much. It can also organize invoices for tax purposes. The premium package is $49 per month, while those who generate only three or fewer invoices a month are offered it for free.

Other easy-to-use and inexpensive online invoicing services include Invoicera, Freshbooks, Harvest, SimplyBill and Wave. These services can save a small business owner a lot of headaches, drudgery, and of course time, which any small business owner knows all too well is always in little supply.


This article was written by Mark McLaughlin for CBS Small Business Pulse.