MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A kid going home early from school with a headache is normally not too big of a deal.

A little rest and a nap, and usually they are good to go.

But that wasn’t the case for this week’s Kylies Kid, Arieanna. The 11-year-old ended up in the hospital when her headache turned into something much more serious.

WCCO met Arieanna right as she was heading home from Children’s Minnesota.

Arieanna has a puppy at home who has been waiting for her.

“My grandparents have told me that she’s been looking for me,” she said.

The whole last week, Arieanna has been in the hospital.

“I went home early from school because my head hurt so bad,” she said.

What happened next, she doesn’t really remember.

“I was sitting on the couch and then all of a sudden I started screaming because my head hurt,” she said. “And then I ended up on the ground somehow.”

Arieanna was rushed to the hospital for an MRI where doctors found an infection in her brain.

“The other day I had seven doctors in here,” she said.

But a week later Arieanna is now healthy enough to go back home. And she’s very ready to get back to the things she loves, like ice skating.

“It’s just like dance, but it’s a little more fun for me. It comes a little more natural,” she said.

She’s also a baker, which lets her show off her art skills.

“It’s kind of like a creative thing, like art and stuff,” Arieanna said. “Like you can make certain designs on cupcakes and cakes or cookies.”

Since she couldn’t bake in the hospital, she focused on arts and crafts until going home where she can get back to spoiling everyone with cupcakes.

“I make it for everybody,” she said.

Arieanna is now back home and doing very well.