By Linda Cameron 

Here’s a basic carrot cake recipe  that’s easy to follow, if you have time to bake. Don’t be shy about sharing. Also, a baking tip: use pre-shredded carrots and four eggs in the batter. Pre-shredded carrots can reduce baking time. And four eggs are traditional in classic carrot cake recipes. If not in the mood for baking, these local cafes and bakeries have some of the best tasting carrot cakes in Minnesota.

keys cafe pie Best Carrot Cake In Minnesota

(credit: Cafe)

Key’s Café 
114 S. 9th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55402
(612) 339-6399 

Getting freshly baked goods here is easy, because Key’s Café has multiple bakeries in Minnesota. One can pick up a bakery brochure at the Forest Lake, Spring Lake, and White Bear Lake locations. Both Spring Lake and White Bear Lake publish their brochures online. Spring Lake features carrot cake with velvety cream cheese icing.  White Bear Lake’s downtown bakery sells 8-inch single layer and double layer carrot cakes. The single layer has 12 servings and the double layer has 16. A half sheet of carrot cake has 48 servings (and that’s a lot of cake). The cakes can be decorated with carrots and nuts or rosebuds. The White Bear Lake bakery also sells carrot cupcakes in two sizes.

1600 W. Lake St.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 827-5710

Barbette serves brunch daily, from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. The carrot cake on the dessert menu makes the brunch worthwhile. In fact, the carrot cake alone can be a good start and finish. Very moist and tender, the cake has a cream cheese frosting topped with fresh strawberries.

cafe latte Best Carrot Cake In Minnesota

(credit: CBS)

Café Latte 
850 Grand Ave.
St. Paul, MN 55105
(651) 224-5687

In this bakery café is a grand roster of mouth watering pastries and specialty cakes. While various tres leches (three-milk) chocolate cakes and other patisseries are spotlighted, carrot cake is Café Latte’s quiet treasure. Topped with cream cheese frosting and whipped cream, this two-layered delight serves 12. To spot the carrot cake, you’ll have to scan carefully through the Two-Layer Cake section to notice it’s on the list. (Hint: it’s between the butter cream and lemon blueberry.)

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French Meadow Bakery & Café 
2610 S. Lyndale Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55408
(612) 870-7855

The cakes in this café bakery are absolutely decadent. That is to say – decadently delicious but made with wholesome ingredients. The carrot cake here is organic: a moist layer cake with fresh cream cheese frosting. Who’s to say this wholesome cake is decadent when it reminds you of home? The answer lies in its simplicity.

wuollet bakery Best Carrot Cake In Minnesota

(credit: Wuollet Bakery Facebook Page)

Wuollet Bakery
3608 W. 50th St.
Minneapolis, MN 55410
(612) 922-4341

Undeniably, Wuollet Bakery has many of the best breads and baked goods in Twin Cities. Its 8-inch carrot cake is a real treat. A generous triple-layer creation, the cake is filled and topped with a choice of plain cream cheese icing, or a cream cheese, pecan and coconut frosting. This triple-layered treat is $42.00. But from a perspective of aesthetics, taste and quality, it’s no threat to the wallet.

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