MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Maybe it’s all the rough winter weather that we’re forced to deal with. Like, ahem, as late as the last week of April.

As reported by EverQuote, who annually reports on the worst drivers in the country according to a number of factors, Minneapolis-St. Paul ranks as the top metro area in the United States for driver safety.

The study looked at five specific driving activities: speeding, cellphone use, excess acceleration, hard braking and hard turning.

The study found Pittsburgh and New York City have the nation’s worst drivers.

Other cities that ranked highly on the “good drivers” list were Portland, Oregon and St. Louis.

EverQuote tracked 11 months’ worth of driving habits through the beginning of March among 150,000 drivers using their EverRide app.

[graphiq id=”gFVrVSzFAI5″ title=”Percent of Drivers Engaging in Smartphone Use” width=”600″ height=”520″ url=”https://w.graphiq.com/w/gFVrVSzFAI5″ ]

Comments (6)
  1. Dain Veli says:

    This is absolutely not true.

  2. Good Lord! If we’re the best please don’t let me drive in the worst!

  3. Maybe people who have lived here their whole lives. Each year we receive new recruits, that didn’t get the handbook about snow and ice being slippery.

  4. Information as wrong and useless as the company that provides it (EverQuote, look them up). Really, TwinCities drivers the best ? A place where everybody seems to be calling or texting behind the wheel, 10ft are considered a safe distance on the freeway, and speed limits seem to come with a +20mph bonus ? No money for better roads, I wish the police would generate more revenue and ticket more people !!