MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Spring has sprung! Well, at least for Minnesota’s wildlife population.

Summer and breeding season is approaching for many animals, including turtles — which are now on the move across the state.

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However, the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center for Minnesota is reminding motorists that while they may be moving faster than normal, they still can’t move faster than cars.

As turtles move to their nests, motorists are being asked to keep an eye out for the animals.Several with cracked shells have already been brought in to the Roseville center.

So, to help those who may find an injured turtle, the rehabilitation center is offering some dos and don’ts for handling them.

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First, if you see a turtle on, or heading to a road, don’t try to move them to a “safer” area. Female turtles are bonded to their eggs and the relocation will only make the turtle cross more potentially dangerous roads.

If injured turtles are brought to the center, please note the exact location it was found. Cross streets, landmarks or an actually address are all helpful.

Finally, don’t put an injured turtle in water. Place it in a box of some type to transport it.

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For more information on helping injured animals, visit the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Minnesota online.