MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Some people choose their careers while others sort of just fall into them. Apparently, we in the new media have one of the worst jobs of 2017, according to the website Career Cast.

But let’s start with the best jobs of the year.

Number 10 is a speech pathologist, followed by occupational therapist, software engineer, mathematician and tenured university professor.

Data scientist came in at No. 5, followed by information security analyst, operations research analyst, medical services manager and statistician.

Now for the worst jobs.

Taxi driver ranks 10th. Retail salesperson came in at No. 9, followed by firefighter, ad salesperson and disc jockey.

Number five on the list: pest control worker. Enlisted military personnel came in at No. 4, followed by logger.

Broadcaster is the second worst job of the year, and newspaper reporter takes the top spot.

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  1. Journalism is dead, the left has proven that. But hey, if you enjoy lying and getting paid for it, the left-wing media always has a “reporter” or broadcaster job open.

  2. I’m not sure how sitting on a sofa on the Today show, making millions per year, is a “worse job” than being enlisted in the military, sweating in the Middle East, but what do I know…

  3. You geniuses citing biased liberals and Today Show hosts realize that there are a multitude of local reporters across the country (who actually are honest and unbaised) working lousy hours and covering awful stories earning at or a little over minimum wage with the s******** health care possible and the ever-present idea of “Am I getting laid off today?” in the back of their head?

    Didn’t think so. Try thinking before typing.

    1. They did, Craig. They also tried thinking before choosing their career path, since obviously neither one is a reporter or broadcaster. And where I can’t agree with their ranking as far as job desirability goes, I agree with the others that it’s an accurate place to rank them in alignment with my opinion of them.

      And yes, there are some better local reporters and broadcasters. However, by and large, their editors insist on them toeing a fairly progressive line

    2. Hey Craig, I wrote for Knight-Ridder and for our local papers before that. Is it okay now if I write something? Gee, that’s great … and THANKS, Craig. Notice to Craig, newspapers are overwhelmingly staffed, managed and bankrolled by leftist interests. The reporting, sometimes even sports reporting, reflects leftist bias. Yes, there are a stalwart few who are not social apparatchiks and who do their best despite newsroom scowls to be fair, and they are exceptions to the rule and are outliers in a horribly skewed career field, which is why — again — that career field is held in contempt.

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    People say the only solution to the RACE problem is if ALL and ONLY White countries “assimilate,” i.e., intermarry, with all those non-Whites.

    But if I tell that obvious truth about the ongoing program of genocide against White people, Anti-Whites agree that I am a naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

    1. Are you commenting about the article in point or did you just enter the room ?

  5. Article shows death of journalism. This article has no substance –why are these jobs worst or best?

  6. Greg Hawkins says:

    Nobody believes anything you clowns spew out. You work for lie factories.

  7. Absolute lie about Speech Pathology! It is one of the WORST and most STRESSFUL jobs out there! Extremely high caseloads with very difficult special ed clients, therapy back to back all day long, and then mounds of reports and paperwork to take home afterwards. ASHA is lying about their horrible profession again and you are emotionally and verbally abused by their programs and supervisiors. You come out with a lot of trauma and low morale. Then the jobs are filled by third party satffing agencies and the turn over rate for SLPs is so high because non one can do the job! Then you have all the parents lawyering up against you to meet IDEA, LRE, FAPE laws, tons of Medicare fraud, etc. I would not advise ANYONE to go into this field!

  8. Angie Smith says:

    Start reporting the news instead of making it up and those professions will be honest again.

  9. Russ Reecer says:

    Taking stories from your boss and other reporters just spreading the same BS isn’t really a lot of “Journalism”…

  10. Journalists? When was the last time anyone in the alleged “media” practiced journalism? The reason people hold the bilious fifth-column Fourth Estate in such high contempt is exactly because these folks do NOT do journalism. They do advocacy writing, plain and simple, and it’s as obvious as a sledge hammer blow to the backside to everyone. Do real journalism. Be fair, firm and IMPARTIAL and you will see attitudes adjusting accordingly. In other words, Stop blowing smoke up our behinds and calling it rainbows.

  11. Journalists anymore are sleaze merchants and propagandists for the Democrat party.

  12. Lanny Abee says:

    I did 28 years enlisted military service. Best job I ever had!

    1. THANK YOU for your service. I see Air Force ribbons there. Check Six!

  13. David Nitshe says:

    You know that the MSM is dead when a Cesspool Pumper job is higher up the career ladder.

  14. If you feel like waking up in the morning and going to work, that’s the worst job in my book.

    All the job rankings are a subjective pile of s**t.

    1. I meant if you DON’T feel like waking up…..

  15. John Ralston says:

    …both ( most ) reporters & broadcasters suffer from the same malady.. they have themselves mixed up w/ someone important, so they tend to represent themselves as such.