MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — After a very public debate over the position of inspector at the Minneapolis Police Department’s 4th Precinct, Lt. John Delmonico has withdrawn his name from consideration.

The dispute started when MPD Chief Janée Harteau announced Delmonico as her nomination for the position last week. Soon after, Mayor Betsy Hodges rejected the former police federation president for the job — an unusual intervention for the mayor into the department’s personnel decisions.

Hodges called Delmonico a great leader, but said he is not the correct match for the north side.

clark hodges harteau Delmonico Withdraws From Consideration As 4th Precinct Inspector

MPD Chief Janée Harteau (L)
and Mayor Betsy Hodges (R) (credit: CBS)

On Monday, Harteau sent a department-wide email to officers announcing Delmonico’s withdrawal for the job, saying, “[n]either one of us wants this process to become a distraction to the great work each and every one of you perform on a daily basis.”

She also defended Delmonico’s nomination for the job:

“I want each and every one of you to know that I will always stand by my decision. Lt. John Delmonico has deep community partnerships and for the past year has led a team of nightwatch officers that have been key in bringing this precinct much-needed, drastic reductions in violent crime (down 10 percent year to date) and aggravated assault (down 18 percent year to date).”

Harteau also bemoaned that the recent spat would make it difficult to find another inspector for the 4th Precinct:

“Although we have many great leaders to choose from, I have heard from many of you that the recent events may make potential candidates hesitant to accept this position, and I understand why some may feel that way.”


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