By Liz Collin

OAK PARK HEIGHTS, Minn. (WCCO) — A Twin Cities mother, living her nightmare, has heard from people around the world who want to help.

Earlier this week, we showed you what Angie Whitley is dealing with.

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Since moving into her Oak Park Heights home, she’s found more than 100 snakes inside her house and several hundred more outside. The story has made headlines worldwide.

Advice from one viewer just might be the snake prescription Whitley waited for.

She hasn’t been in her basement since Sunday. So, Angie Whitley sends her contractor in first.

“No snakes,” Craig Johnson said.

None inside for now as her tally since our last visit has only gone up.

“108…in my house. I can’t count the ones outside,” Johnson said.

Her house of horrors went viral this week. Skyrocketing to one of the most viewed stories on in months and making headlines as far away as the UK.

“Some people thought maybe a vibration would help. Other people talked about wrapping the foundation maybe with plexi glass,” Whitley said.

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Advice from some self-appointed snake charmers has slithered in ever since.

But, it’s one call from another Minnesota family that had snakes in their home that might make the difference. They suggested filling up her hollow foundation blocks with concrete.

Craig Johnson works with Minnesota Renewable Energies.

“So the new plan is what we’re going to do is core fill all these blocks because this is where we feel that the snakes are actually living and hatching,” Johnson said.

Adam’s Pest Control will also be back weekly to sprinkle a repellant in the yard.

But it will be months before Whitley knows if any of that works which means more tense times are ahead.

“I’ll let you know in the fall,” Whitley said.

The folks at Adam’s Pest Control also told WCCO they’ll be putting in live snake traps soon on the inside and outside of Whitley’s house.

They’ve had many calls this week from people who want her snakes for pest control and for the overall health of Minnesota’s prairie lands.

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Click here for more advice from the DNR on keeping snakes out of your home.

Liz Collin