St. PAUL, Minn. (WCCO) – Target Field isn’t the only Twin Cities ballpark that is introducing new food for the new year!

On Tuesday, CHS Field announced it would have eight new dishes for the St. Paul Saints’ 2017 season.

From burgers and brats to tacos and turkey legs, there was something for everyone.

This year, CHS Field is introducing two new burgers.

(credit: CBS)

First, for Minnesotans who can’t get enough hotdish you can now get it in burger form! The Tater Tot Hotdish Burger is a beef patty topped with tater tots, cheese, peas and Cream of Mushroom soup.

Think of it as a hand-held hotdish.

For those who are looking for something that is the opposite of Minnesota nice, the new Jumpin’ Jack Flash Burger is for you. Jalapeno-habanero and ghost pepper cheese sits on top of a beef patty that’s covered in roasted red peppers, lettuce, tomato, more jalapenos and ghost pepper mayo.

It can be found at the Burger Depot.

From burgers to brats!

Few things are more all American than a brat at a baseball game, and now guests of CHS Field can also enjoy their bratwurst with cheese curds!

The Giant Cheese Curd Kabob with Bratwurst is a golf-ball sized cheese curd wrapped around a Von Hanson bratwurst.

It comes served with marinara sauce.

(credit: CBS)

For something a bit less traditional, CHS Field is introducing the Donut Dog.

The Donut Dog is a quarter-pound hot dog smothered in strawberry barbecue sauce, bacon and wrapped in a glazed donut bun.

While an unlikely combination, the savory and sweet flavors proved to be very popular.

Next up, tacos.

Three new flavors of street tacos were introduced this year – including smoked brisket, chicken carnitas with pickled onion and blackened fish with mango salsa and pineapple slaw.

The fourth taco is a vegetarian and vegan option.

(credit: CBS)

The vegetarian taco mix lettuce wrap is a leaf of lettuce filled with quinoa, mixed with black beans, tomato, roasted corn and cilantro. It is served with cheese and sour cream, but can be prepared without for those looking for vegan options.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Minnesota institution without some turkey.

Since Target Field, Target Center and the Minnesota State Fair have Turkey-to-Go, CHS Field needed its own taste of the bird.

So, they came up with the Wild Rice Battered Smoked Turkey Leg.

Served as a whole leg, the meat also comes with a sage dipping sauce. Those who tasted it called it “Thanksgiving on a stick.”

And for dessert, cupcakes!

(credit: CBS)

Ginkgo Coffeehouse is serving up three new flavors of cupcakes.

For the chocolate lovers, there is chocolate chip cookie dough and chocolate peanut butter banana. But don’t worry, if you’re not a fan of chocolate they also have orange cream soda.

There is also a new deep-fried apple pie, found at the Pies and Fries stand.

This year, the Saints again teamed up with HealthPartners’ yumPower Program to offer healthier options at the ballpark. Each item that yumPower chooses as a “better-for-you” choice will be designated by sticker on the menu.

Of the new foods, the blackened fish street taco and taco mix lettuce wrap are yumPower designated.

There are 12 items that have the designation at the ballpark in all.

Get a taste of the new foods at the St. Paul Saints homeopener against the Fargo-Moorhead Redhawks on May 15.