By Liz Collin

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – Just under a month after a Big Lake trap team’s photo was banned from the high school yearbook, another high school yearbook photo is making news.

For its 2017 yearbook, Brainerd High School dedicated a page to President Donald Trump. Editors asked students their thoughts on the president, and shared the quotes next to their picture.

One sophomore said, “I would like to behead him. I do not like him.”

The photo went viral, sparking controversy on Twitter. Now, that student is telling her side of the story.

“I was so confused, because at first, I didn’t ever remember saying that,” 15-year-old Camryn said.

Camryn — who asked WCCO not to reveal her last name — says she had no idea a conversation with a classmate last September would lead to nationwide attention. She says the classmate never said she was working for the yearbook when she asked about then-candidate Donald Trump.

“I did not say, ‘I want to behead him.’ I did not say, ‘I am going to behead him.’ I just said, ‘Well I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind him being beheaded,’ — something along those lines,” Camryn said. “But there was never the direct quote, ‘I do not like him. I would like to behead him.”

That conversation exploded on social media 8 months later, with the help of at least one celebrity. Former “Joanie Loves Chachi” actor Scott Baio shared the photo, tagging the president, the FBI, Sean Hannity and Kellyanne Conway.

(credit: Twitter)

“This all just blew up, and Scott Baio, as you know, a very famous actor, posted it on Twitter,” Camryn said. “And he didn’t cover my name or my picture either, and his over 100,000 Twitter followers all got my first and last name, and my picture.”

A street corner a block from the high school served as the backdrop to an impromptu protest over a yearbook comment turned controversy.

“Get some accountability here, folks,” one man shouted.

“It’s not a Republican, Democrat issue — what are you teaching the children?” Another woman asked.

Jeff Czeczok calls himself a local government activist. He wants the teacher of the yearbook class fired.

“‘I would like to behead him’ is a threat,” Czeczok said. “It gives a terrible name to the school.”

On Friday afternoon, the administration of Brainerd Public Schools said they had been notified of the statements in the yearbook.

District officials released a statement saying, in part, that the district does not support or endorse the comments made by students.

“While the District supports Free Speech, the disrespectful statements in the yearbook are contrary to the basic educational mission of the District and should not have been included in a school sponsored publication,” the statement said.

The statement also issued an apology and said they are currently investigating how the page ended up in the yearbook. They said they did not know about these statements prior.

“An apology is always fine after the fact but why did it happen in the first place.” Czeczok said.

“It’s the teachers fault,” Cameron Senica, a Brainerd High School Senior told us. “I do agree with the school but I feel it’s being blown way out of proportion.”

The U.S. Secret Service has seen the Brainerd yearbook comment and is currently under investigation, so the agency cannot comment further. Camryn hasn’t heard from them, but says she reached out Friday.

“I wanted to make sure that there was no way that they would beat down my front door and get me in handcuffs, because I didn’t say that,” she said.

Liz Collin

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  1. Don Roberts says:

    What’s with these high school yearbooks? Numerous schools have had various issues. Do they no longer have a faculty member supervising and monitoring these publications? These issues just suddenly appear and school administrators just stand there naked in astonishment.

    1. Great post Don! You covered it all!!

    2. Frank Garret says:

      Sure they have faculty members. Who do you think is filling these kids with this radical far left hatred?

  2. I don’t think threats are protected speech.

    1. And you are correct. Threatening death or bodily harm is a crime in and of itself. It does not fall into the category of what the First Amendment identifies as freedom of speech.

  3. Wonder why the yearbooks weren’t confiscated like the administration did in Rockingham, NC.

    1. Most likely because the school administrator tasked with monitoring the students who created the yearbook was either not doing his or her job or, more likely, agreed with the statement. The student should have known better but the school administrator/adviser definitely dropped the ball and needs to be held accountable for it. And if the district covers it up as if it’s no big deal, all of the district administrators then need to be held accountable for it.

  4. Mark Larson says:

    In a couple of years he’ll probably be attending a college that will ban any conservative speakers because of their “hate speech”

    1. More likely she will be a drop-out, an unwed babymomma in the hood, collecting welfare for a half dozen mixed race future thugs, each from different absentee babydaddys.

  5. Sounds like that young person needs a trip to the woodshed.

    1. With the facility administrator that allowed it to happen and all of the district members that support him. They all need to be held accountable.

  6. I had this girl as a student and she is a sweet girl who wouldn’t harm a fly. She was probably flattered that the yearbook wanted her opinion and she just wanted to stand out.

    1. Laura, this girl is as dumb as a democRat, obviously.

    2. Frank Garret says:

      Do you think this reflects poorly on your school? What kind of school is pumping out kids that think its perfectly acceptable to threaten to murder the President of the United States? And why are these kids so far to the left? Do you teachers ever stop to think that there is another half of the country that does not share your far left radical views?

    3. El He says:

      Apparently, Ms Oldham has obviously been an influence on this student…the kind of influence that should be rewarded by being fired and losing her teaching license.

    4. Joe Tonelli says:

      This is why we want to get rid of the Department of education. It SUCKS and so do the people running this child’s education.

    5. Well in this case flattery can get you in jail, just as it should. For the student and the facility member that didn’t stop it. There simply is no excuse for this type of thing to happen. None.

  7. Ken Hartman says:

    fuking schools are breeding grounds for young minds. We need to stop all fed funding to all SCHOOLS> let the states handle it. These schools are becoming so dysfunctional.

    1. Government ‘schools’ are just another form of child abuse.

      1. Frank Garret says:

        They are nothing more than indoctrination centers where young people are taught that all Republicans are evil and all Democrats are as good and pure as the wind driven snow. They are the modern version of the old Communist re-education camps. There is no other explanation for how so many young people could support Bernie (Eugene Debs) Saunders.

        If these kids were taught the true history of Communism/Socialism they would understand how dangerous it is and what a failure it is every time its tried. Look no further than Venezuela as the latest example.

        1. So, what do we get out of all that? A very good reason why if you want your child to grow up normally you need to be directly involved in teaching your child what he/she needs to know. Avoid public school, seek to do the education yourself at home school or, if you can’t do that at the very least seek out a private school that teaches the things that you want your child to be taught. While i is still possible to get a good education from a public school it’s very difficult so generally public schools are government sponsored brain washing centers. I really hate to say that but it is what it is. Many times the truth is painful to hear.

  8. Kevin Jordan says:

    I am pretty sure this is a death threat against the President of the United States, and the secret service should have a chat with this Piece of human garbage and the parents who raised a piece of human garbage.

    The problem with teenagers today is the parents act more like a friend than a real parent. There needs to be discipline in the house and at school. These spoiled brats are going to learn the hard way that when they get into the real word and talk stupid to someone like me, they will end up on the ground.

    I would really like to see this person charged and put in jail.


  9. According to ->

    “Threatening the President of the United States is a class E felony under United States Code Title 18, Section 871.[1][2][3] It consists of knowingly and willfully mailing or otherwise making “any threat to take the life of, to kidnap, or to inflict bodily harm upon the President of the United States”. This also includes presidential candidates and former Presidents. The United States Secret Service investigates suspected violations of this law and monitors those who have a history of threatening the President. Threatening the President is considered a political offense.[4] Immigrants who commit this crime can be deported.[5]”

    However I’m sure if this were to ever to go court, she would get some leftist Judge who will sweep this under the rug and give her a slap on the wrist… if that.

  10. Must be a great educational system in Minnesota. In addition to producing this intellectually challenged student they send Al Franken to the US Senate.

    1. Frank Garret says:

      Don’t forget about Keith (the anti-Semite) Ellison. It doesn’t get much more radical than that loon.

      1. Paul Chaffee says:

        But the winner in Minnesota for frivolity was Jesse Ventura for Governor…….go WWE

        1. As Eddie Murphy might say, hey, hey hey hey hey hey. (Hard to put inflection on it by typing it but you may get it if you saw that movie.) Never forget that Calefornia replaced a Rino called Arnold as it’s governor by re-electing Jerry ‘Moonbeam’ brown as their governor after his last rounds of horrendous mistakes when he was their governor before. Now you just can’t get any more stupid than that. So cheer up, Minnesota is still behind when it comes to states where their citizens do stupid things in their state and local governments.

  11. Liberals, regardless of age, wasted DNA.

  12. Where are the people that raise and educate these young people that seem to think if you do not like something/someone .. any violence you want to inflick on them is OK. Should her “friends” be worried. Does she work. Do you want your kid to associate with someone who places no value on others lives.

  13. Minnesota. Don’t act surprised.

    1. How many states do you want to list that have the same problem. Clue, go look at the national map on how the last election turned out. Do it at the county level for the best result. You will then see where the problem is.

  14. Here’s a kid who’s mother should have swallowed.

    1. So if it’s crass and disgusting that you desire, try this one. The best part of the girl ran down the inside of her mother’s thigh as she cleaned up herself between customers. See, it is possible to out disgust someone’s disgusting comment. All in jest just like the girl’s threat to the president. Which one is illegal?

  15. Tom Ronson says:

    Only when one of these idiots suffers severe punishment, will the nutcases watch what they say. Find out who this girl is and burn her parents house down in the middle of the night.
    Then watch how civilized the young people become.

    Burn down the principal’s house in the middle of the night and the schools will pay close attention to what they publish in a yearbook. People only pay attention when they are personally punished.

  16. She got these idiot ideas from her friends and parents, most likely, who need professional help, sure.

  17. Wonder if the school recalled the yearbooks like those with the comment “Build the Wall”? More double standards.

  18. Congratulations on having the Secret Service investigating your entire family ! Good luck with your future jobs searches !

  19. Joe Boltonn says:

    Most yearbooks won’t let you list the names of Heavy Metal song titles or make a religious statement of any kind, but this vile comment gets through? It’s states the obvious that if it was Pres. Obama, the comment would’ve been deleted and the student punished for making a “racist death threat.”

  20. Donald Trump lives Rent Free in the Liberal’s Heads.

  21. MH Thomas says:

    Am I wrong in thinking that threatening the life of the President used to be against the law? When did that change? Or did it just apply to right wingers? Why are these people and all the leakers not being prosecuted???

  22. Hiram Floss says:

    funny ANY pro Trump messages are SAVAGELY censored in yearbooks but this comment was “accidentally” missed. what are the odds?…..

  23. They send kids home that have a picture of a gun on their shirts. Playing with a stick on the play ground is grounds for suspension. But saying you want to behead the President is ok. Do you even get it?

  24. More immigrants making threats and having fun.

  25. So a principal confiscates yearbooks at another school because a conservative comment is made, but this one is okay to let fly?

  26. As an Hispanic business owner and a national Independent Precinct Director I speak on behalf of 136,000 Independents in 2 states. We are done with this. Trump made an offhand remark that Russia could possibly find Hillary’s 33,000 emails. Our electorate where most broke for Obama twice broke for Trump. We all know Trump said this in jest, a side remark at a rally, that’s it and yet less than half of the U.S. took this as fact….

    1. Laguea, Tell us, Precisely what is it about the word ‘probably’ that you don’t comprehend. There is a world of difference between saying that you want to behead the president and saying that someone probably committed a crime,which by the way she did. One is a threat and the other is a conclusive statement. Had we had honest investigation of the issue I have no doubt in my mind, based solely on my personal knowledge of being a trained security administrator that handled classified information at all levels with all classified security computer systems that held such information. Sorry to say this but I believe that Hillary should now be in jail for her crimes. Note,there is no threat and no desire to see her dead, Just a belief on what should of happened and to date has not happened. But I still have hope.

  27. Bart Drennon says:

    Contrast this with the school who confiscated every yearbook printed because one student said “build the wall”.

  28. Rylee Elsea says:

    I noticed that 35-40% of the students appear to be pro-Trump in the graph pictured, but not one positive comment about him appears in the blurb. Future journalists ready to join the MSM.

  29. Likely, this page was the brainchild of a communist Trump-hating teacher.

  30. Say hello to the Secret Service you pathetic little Snow Flake.

    1. Ahem. That’s snot flake not snow flake. Snow flakes are cute. No one likes a snot flake. I’ll give you a pass on this one but don’t do it again. 🙂

  31. James Moore says:

    Isn’t it against the Law to threaten the President of the United States? Arrest this jerk and fire the School Officials who allowed this

  32. Lou Anthony says:

    I think the student should be visited by the secret service and be detained in jail while this is threat is investigated. Maybe then these little babies will learn that the First Amendment only goes so far in protecting speech.

  33. One school recalled their yearbook because a student commented “Build that wall”. Yet another case of PC Prog infantile double standards.

  34. Disrespectful? Try terroristic. And I’m not buying that the school administration didn’t have foreknowledge of the yearbook pages. GMADB.

  35. Bob Suyak says:

    Like Mo, and Ca MN is overloaded with a..holes.

  36. Mark Meyer says:

    Illegal immigrants are criminals….PERIOD. California if full of it. The feds will do what they want when they want to do it.

    1. How do you find Calefornia? Easy. Follow the smell. Walk West until you step it it. If you come to the ocean and haven’t stepped it it follow the smell, walk south until you step in it. Not hard to find at all.

  37. Probably a son of one of the “fine” muslim immigrants that have invaded MN.

  38. Virtue signaling, desperation to fit in, and a reflection of her environment. Little does she know that her President was voted in to take action against the actual evil beheaders of our citizens and military personnel. Lets hope this negative attention motivates her to pursue a deeper understanding of what lead her to her comment.

  39. The return of corporal discipline to the schools would be in order.

  40. It is a serious illness. See Dr. Lyle Rossiter’s book on the liberal mind. Sad.

  41. Brainerd public schools, like all public schools, are full of liberal indoctrinated children and terrorist Education Minnesota union goon teachers. All public school teachers believe in murdering President Trump. They are insane. So we end up with kids like this. We end up with no school teachers reviewing the yearbook. We have a school superintendent and entire system that refuses to recall all the yearbooks sold. Why is that? There should be a contract requiring all buyers and receivers of yearbooks to return their item if something egregious like this occurs. What does the school district do? Shrug their shoulders and wink/nod to the girl’s death threat. That is what Democrat controlled public schools do these days. Stay classy Brainerd. What a third world liberal dump.

  42. Stupid breeds stupid. Case in point.

  43. ” ‘Well I’m sure we all wouldn’t mind him being beheaded,’ — something along those lines,’ ” No, we all WOULDN’T want to see him beheaded. Look outside of your snowflake head and past the end of your little snowflake nose, and realize you just threatened a sitting US president. Be thankful you, your yearbook instructor, and the school adminstrators, are not in jail already. It would be sweet to watch some idiot celebrity led away in cuffs and then apologize for something like this, too, while we’re at it. Maybe if the so-called adults were held to account, maybe the students would know not to do it, too. Maybe >:(

  44. Joe Greate says:

    FFS People she is a 15 year old girl. She isn’t threatening the president. Do you remember when you were 15? She made a Joke. Sure, it was in bad taste. She was trying to be funny and failed. She was probably just trying to get a laugh.. The yearbook editor thought it was funny and threw it in there. I remember when I was 15.. I never said anything that was out of line.. give me a break. Lay off of her.

    1. Angela Lang says:

      Are you serious? Talking about cutting someones head off is a cry for help. No wonder she was removed from public school and is now home schooled. This girl needs therapy, I hope she gets it. Stop blaming her age, she’ll be behind the wheel next year! The one who also needs to be suspended is the girl who put the quote in the yearbook when it was clearly “off the record.” Then the teacher needs to be fired. Anyone can clearly see the quote should’ve never been in there. He failed at his job also.

  45. This is why sixty percent of employers use social networking sites to research job candidates.