By Mike Augustyniak

Each week, Mike Augustyniak finds a new cocktail from a local mixologist. This week, he has the top cocktail recipes that use local beer — the perfect portable and potent potables for your Memorial Day barbecue!

Pontoon Paloma
1 ½ oz Hornitos Reposado Tequila
¾ oz Tattersall Grapefruit Crema
½ oz Aperol
1 oz Grapefruit Juice
612 Brew Hidden Beach Summer IPA

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Combine all ingredients except beer, and shake over ice.  Strain into a malt or pint glass, and top with Hidden Beach IPA from 612 Brew.

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You Scratched My Anchor
1 ½ oz Pimms #1
Norseman Olympia
612 Brew Unrated Rye IPA

Pour Pimms #1 into a lowball glass over ice.  Fill remainder of glass with Unrated Rye IPA from 612 Brew.  Dip a rip of lemon peel into honey as garnish.  OPTIONAL: float Norseman Olympia (or Green Chartreuse) into lemon peel “boat” and ignite.  Allow to burn until extinguished, and then use peel to stir cocktail and incorporate flavors.

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Dapper Dan
1 ½ oz Ron Zacapa Rum
½ oz Honey Simple Syrup *
1 Dash Orange Blossom Water
1 Drop Orange Blossom Water
Fulton Lonely Blonde

* To make Honey Simple Syrup: dissolve an equal part of honey in an equal part of hot water.  Allow to cool and use immediately or store in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

Shake all ingredients, except beer, over ice.  Strain into a chilled coupe glass and top with Fulton Lonely Blonde beer.

Green Lantern Boozy Push-Pops
4-5 seasonable berries, muddled
1 ½ oz Captain Morgan Spiced Rum
1 spoonful Vanilla Yogurt
½ oz Honey-Ginger Syrup
½ oz Heavy Cream
1 Dash Bittercube Bolivar Bitters

Mix ingredients well and pour into push-pop molds (available in many kitchen stores, or online).  Freeze & enjoy.

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Mike Augustyniak