MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis Mayor Betsy Hodges called for “one Minneapolis” in her State of the City address late Tuesday morning.

Hodges gave the speech at the Masjid An-Nur mosque in north Minneapolis. She says she chose to give the address at the mosque because she says our Muslim community is under attack from the highest levels of the federal government.

“We stand with our Muslim community, as President Trump singles them out for attack and unfairly-targeted policy,” she said during the speech.

She said she wanted to send a strong signal to the Muslim community that their Mayor and their city stands with them.

Hodges also pushed for one Minneapolis, saying it means it’s “a city that works for everyone, and a city where everyone contributes to making it work for everyone else.”

During the speech, the mayor said she heard from many Somali Minnesotans with large families who can’t find affordable housing. Hodges says the city is now transforming how it funds affordable housing in Minneapolis.

“This is our next horizon: everyone housed, stably housed, with a range of housing options for all incomes in all neighborhoods,” Hodges said.

Hodges also praised the Minneapolis Police Department.

“I want to thank the brave men and women of the MPD who put themselves on the line for us every day,” she said. “True public safety requires a collaboration between law enforcement and the community.”

Hodges says gun violence in the city must end and will.

“Anytime anyone shoots someone else with a gun in Minneapolis, it violates the values we hold as a people,” she said.

Hodges also addressed the massive years-long Nicollet Mall project.

“In less than a year’s time, Nicollet Mall will be a destination in its own right, every day and every season of the year,” she said.

The speech comes a day after a deadly terror attack after an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England that killed 22. ISIS claimed responsibility for the attack, but U.S. officials say it’s too early to confirm that.

Watch the speech here:

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  1. Jeff Mannino says:

    #1 worse mayor of America .WATCH OUT! “Mayor Betsy Hodges is right on your tail.
    can democrats please tell me how idiotlogues like this are in any way a leader? She lacks all leadership characteristics. And your minneapolis city council… Id compare it to monkeys with hammers in a china shop but I don’t want to offend monkeys. How they get the honor for that kind of power must only be given based on the ignorance of the electorate,

  2. From the distance of Australia – seeing this poor excuse for a mayor – let alone an American patriot – makes my blood boil. SO self-righteous – SO politically correct. A ton of bricks would fall on her – and she still wouldn’t get it! She ,ews “love” then goes all out to abuse and savage HER new President Trump! Who is doing a mighty job at present As is his wife, and family Thank God it;s not this Heavens to Betsy nasty narcisissus tramping the world stage!.Second to these sick, demented Islamic radicals now making our world a totally dangerous place(does she abbhor the killing of little kids – has she ever read the hatred of infidels in the Koran) – thiso new race of brainwashed idiots pushing their PC barrow and denying the rest of us ANY right to free speech – are becoming equally dangerous. Shame on this ignorant , arrogant, woman – a really nasty “piece of work”.!!! Vote her out – for God’s sake! With people of her self-obssessed type putting the boots into YOUR democracy -= who needs enemies from without. The USA will rot from the efforts of these enemies from within! A complete ratbag, she is. I have rarely been angrier – than seeing her bloody-minded avoidance of a Fox News reporter tonight. Her ego far outshines her intellect! A total idiot. June Turnbull