MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO)Lakes and Legends, a taproom in Minneapolis’ Loring Park neighborhood, is now the first dining or drinking establishment in Minnesota to legally allow dogs inside

This comes after months of working with the Minneapolis City Council and the Minnesota Department of Health.

“Beer and dogs go together,” said Maggie Stern, Lakes and Legends’ taproom manager.

Other breweries have been letting dogs hang with their owners illegally for quite some time.

lakes and legends Mpls. Taproom Becomes 1st In State To Legally Allow Dogs

(credit: CBS)

Lakes and Legend owners decided to take the extra step and get a variance to state health code to allow Fido and his buddies inside their taproom.

“Around here, especially in the summer time, everyone’s walking their dogs and they want a great spot to go and hang out and relax and enjoy the sunshine — but do that with their animal, too,” Stern said.

She says there are some special rules dogs and their owners will have to follow, which are posted at the taproom’s front door.

“Your dog has to be house trained, and we say all four paws have to be on the ground, so no dogs on the furniture and things like that,” Stern said.

Dogs also must be kept on a leash at least 6-feet long, and employees cannot touch the dogs.

Man’s best friend is also banned from using bowls and glasses designated “for human use only.”

“This is kind of an extension of your living room. Come on in here with your dog,” Stern said.

Just like in your living room, dogs will be expected to behave. Rowdy dogs could face being put out or banned from the taproom.

Lakes and Legends plans to welcome its new customers with a “Yappie Hour” this Thursday from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Taproom owners say this variance to the health code will allow them to welcome other events to their venue that revolve around dogs.