MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – A former employee of a Twin Cities Taco Bell store is suing its parent company after he was fired for reporting food safety violations.

William Bisek has filed a wrongful termination lawsuit against Border Foods, Inc., in connection with the case. The company owns more than 60 Taco Bell locations, including the Columbia Heights location where Bisek was in training to be a manager.

Bisek filed the complaint Wednesday in Hennepin County. It states he was fired the day after reporting food safety violations to regional managers at Border Foods. The violations included extensive and visible mold growing in the water supply tank and on spouts for beverage machines, serving expired meats, tortillas and taco shells to customers after expiration dates on the storage containers were falsely changed by other employees.

Bisek also reported the water temperature at the washing sinks was at least 40 degrees below minimum standards, and a toilet brush and plunger that were often wet were at the front counter, where money was exchanged.

Bisek’s attorney called the violations shocking and appalling.


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