By Linda Cameron 

Enjoying a lazy Minnesota summer day is easy, which is not to say everybody goes beach combing. You can get into the local swim or explore the skies and wilderness without having to leave Minnesota. Here are ideas for airborne, earthbound and waterborne activities to keep you going through the summer. Rest assured you’ll be safe while having the thrill of your life.

(credit: CBS)

Wake Surfing
10K Wakes Wake Park
12313 Swallow St. N.W.
Coon Rapids, MN 55448
(763) 913-0200

Wake surfing has become a popular water sport in Minnesota, but has been around for a few decades. The first cable operated wake surfing and wake board park opened in 2010. You don’t need a boat to ride. The lake in Wake Park is equipped with rails and cables so wake surfers can ride the cable and hit the water. The cable does the pulling for you. If you can surf you’ll enjoy wake boarding. If you enjoy wake boarding wake surfing will come easily to you. Riding the surf using rail and cable is the latest variation of this daring water sport. There are several local wake surf/wake board training academies where you can learn.

Skydiving, Paragliding And Ziplining
Southern Minnesota Skydiving
Waseca Municipal Airport
35493 110th St.
Waseca, MN 56093
(507) 461-5838

The airfield at Waseca Municipal Airport is one of the best places to skydive. You learn tandem and solo skydiving from experts who are USPA certified. USPA has developed first jump training methods and safety standards. With a qualified instructor, as an intrepid thrill seeker you’ll have less fear of falling. Skydivers of all ages who have air jumped at Waseca say it’s one big thrill.

(credit: PETER MUHLY/AFP/Getty Images)

Stanton Airfield
1235 Highway 19
Stanton, MN 55018
(507) 645-4030

Stanton Airfield is a place to pilot a plane or paraglide. Paragliding is not the same as air jumping. A paraglider is an inflatable wing-shaped canopy to which the pilot is harnessed. The wind inflates the canopy. It’s a remarkable aerodynamic feat. At Stanton Airfield, the glider is a plane with a cockpit but no motor. While not the traditional canopy glider, it’s much more aesthetic and comfortable.

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Zipline Minnesota
9898 Country Road, 77 S.W.
Nisswa, MN 56468
(218) 656-1111

The Zipline is a cable strung from point to point. You harness your body to the line and zip along from Point A to Point B. Zipline Minnesota gives tours in Nisswa and Henderson. Ziplining is a stress free outdoor adventure where you can get beautiful aerial views of the country or city, depending on where you are. For spine tingling excitement, the Brainerd tour has a free-fall option. To merely zipline through the breeze and be closer to Twin Cities, book the Kerfoot Tour in Henderson.

Photo Credit: ThinkStock

Scuba Diving And Rock Climbing
Quarry Park and Nature Preserve
1802 County Road, 137
Waite Park, MN 56387
(320) 656-3600

A sanctuary for nature lovers and thrill seekers, Quarry Park is where to scuba dive and rock climb. The park has three designated quarries for scuba diving. Because diving is done at one’s own risk, the diver must be certified or accompanied by a certified scuba instructor. Divers must sign a waiver and instructors must present proof of insurance. If you want recreation that is more land based, the park has a rock climbing quarry with mapped routes graded at varying levels of difficulty. The park publishes a booklet of rock climbing guidelines. Restricted areas require a permit.

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