ATLANTA (AP) — An airline passenger was bitten repeatedly in the face by a dog that was allowed on the plane to provide emotional support to another passenger.

According to an Atlanta police report, Marlin Jackson of Daphne, Alabama, was taken to a hospital Sunday in stable condition with “severe injury to the face due to several dog bites.”

Jackson was bitten by a Labrador retriever-pointer mix brought on the Delta Air Lines flight to San Diego by Ronald Mundy Jr., a Marine Corps member from Mills River, North Carolina.

Two phone numbers listed for Mundy were out of service.

Mundy was not charged. Delta said he took a later flight, with the dog traveling in a kennel.

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  1. Agua Agua says:

    unless someone is BLIND, they don’t need a “service” dog sitting beside them to fly. the dog should’ve been put in a cage. it’s not the dog’s fault that it freaked out in a small enclosed space, such as the interior of a plane, with the face of a large stranger sitting beside him & staring at him. a dog’s sense of smell is 40 times stronger than a person’s sense of smell. that alone was probably antagonizing that dog. fine if u want 2 take a service dog into a large open area or building – but not sitting on a person’s lap in a small enclosed airplane .. that can cause stress in anyone, let alone a dog that doesn’t know what the heck is going on. the dog shouldn’t have been put in that situation !