It’s that time again – Tin Whiskers Brewing Company is hosting another brew-off!

But this time it’s not just any brew-off, it’s the second anniversary brew-off. And, after two years, Urban Growler Brewing Company has returned for a rematch.

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In May 2015, at the inaugural brew-off, the St. Paul breweries faced each other at the Happy Gnome.

The flavors were mango, coconut and ginger.

Tin Whiskers made an IPA while Urban Growler went with a wheat beer.

The result was a tie.

Now, the two breweries will take on each other once again at the Capitol Hill watering hole.

The fan-chosen flavors this time include rhubarb and honey, as well as a wildcard ingredient chosen by the Happy Gnome staff.

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As with all other brew-offs, each brewery was given several weeks to complete their beer. They must use the three flavors, but can pick any style.

At the tasting, guests partaking in the challenge are given both beers side-by-side. They will vote after a blind taste test.

The brewery with the most votes at the end of the night will be the winner.

“We are really looking forward to this,” Tin Whiskers founder Jeff Moriarty said in a recent press release. “Urban Growler have always been valued friends and neighbors to us, and having the opportunity to put on another event with them will be a blast, and we think patrons will be able to feel that.”

The rematch takes place from 5 – 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 21 at the Happy Gnome.

Other brew-offs have included LynLake Brewing, Fair State Brewing Cooperative, Bad Weather Brewing, Northgate Brewing and 612Brew.

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For more information, visit Tin Whiskers online.