MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Woodpeckers are wreaking havoc on some Twin Cities homes this summer.

Cat Parker’s Plymouth home has dozens of holes in the cedar siding.

“There are just patches all over the place,” Parker said. “I just hear them knocking for hours.”

Exterior remodeling contractor Ryan Stinson of Stinson Services says the territorial birds are hunting for bugs inside the wood — especially when it’s rich with moisture after a storm.

(credit: CBS)

“Sometimes people try and put up different streamers or some type of a distraction to birds,” Stinson said.

But the deterrents don’t always work. And if woodpeckers continue their pecking, Stinson says homeowners could see thousands of dollars in damage to walls.

Parker says she will opt to save for new vinyl siding for her home, instead of wood.

Stinson says insurance does not always cover woodpecker damage.

He recommends homeowners look out for damage along their siding, especially in high places.

Stinson says most licensed contractors should give homeowners a free inspection.

From there, homeowners can decide what to do about the damage and siding.

Here are more tips for dealing with woodpeckers from the Minnesota DNR.

Comments (2)
  1. So basically he’s trying to drum up business for siding? lol I found a bb gun to stun or scare them off has worked fine. Had this happen to me for a few years until I started scaring them off. Not a single problem this year.

  2. Most are more concerned about home invasions of black gangs and getting their siding shot full of holes from the black gangs. Maybe try brightly coloured rainbow streamers ?