MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – From the UN Security Council responding to missiles launched between North Korea and the U.S. to Spam’s 80th birthday, here is a look at the top 10 stories from July 5, 2017.

UN Security Council To Hold Meeting Over North Korea

American military officials in Seoul say U.S. and South Korean soldiers fired so-called “deep strike” precision missiles into South Korean territorial waters. This was in direct response to North Korea’s missile launch.

The U.S. said the launch was an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said it’s a “new escalation of the threat” to the U.S.

The UN Security Council will hold an emergency meeting Wednesday to discuss the escalating tensions.

Prince’s Former Drummer John Blackwell Jr. Dead At 43

Prince’s former drummer John Blackwell Junior has died.

His wife posted a photo on Instagram, saying he passed away peacefully in Florida.

Last year, doctors found tumors in his brain.

Blackwell performed with Prince for 15 years and was known for his unique style of drumming.

He was 43-years-old.

Steph Curry Has Most Popular Jersey In NBA

The most popular jersey in the NBA is Steph Curry’s.

The Golden State Warrior helped his team win the NBA Championship last month. They beat the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Lebron James has the second most popular jersey. Kevin Durant, of the Warriors, is in third place.

The results are based on sales from the NBA store online.

Happy Birthday, Spam!

On Tuesday, we said happy birthday to America.

Wednesday, we say it to Spam!

The canned meat turns 80-years-old. Minnesota-based Hormel makes it.

Last year, the Spam Museum opened in Austin. According to Hormel, there are nearly 13 cans of Spam products eaten every second.