SPOONER, Wis. (WCCO) — The ‘CCO summer roadtrip around Minnesota and western Wisconsin got started this week.

We’re kicking things off in Spooner, Wisconsin, where the rodeo is in town!

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Kylie and Kim had perfect weather and a lot to see and do while they were in Spooner. Of course time on the water is fantastic, but there is plenty right in town.

The Wisconsin Canoe Heritage Museum is just off Highway 63. It was originally part of an old grain elevator built in 1912 that was once part of Spooner’s railroad infrastructure.

The museum is filled with canoes from the collection of Jill Weber Dean and Jeff Dean, as well as others. It shows off different building techniques and how canoes have evolved over time. Check it out when you’re in town!

And if you want a true experience in a Wisconsin bar, head to the Buckhorn in Spooner. The walls are filled with stuffed animals from around the area.

And they have a special attraction. JFK stopped there while campaigning in 1960. They still have the beer mug he drank from, and they put a sign on the bathroom door, commemorating his visit to the restroom. Classy.

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The 64th Annual Spooner Rodeo kicks off at 7:30 Friday night.

Professional rodeo’s top competitors come here from all over the country. Things actually started here Thursday night. And Kylie and Kim got to help out as they kicked things off with a great event for kids with special needs.

Kim and Kylie also stopped by the Spooner Golf Course to chat with Chad Hartman and Adam Carter on ‘CCO Radio.

They had to rush inside because of a brief round of rain that hit just as they were about to begin.

Radio will be joining us on most of the trips this summer. And when Chad Hartman is involved, you can bet they’ll be at a golf course.

Every good road trip needs to be filled with good snacks. So Friday, Kim and Kylie went straight to the source: The Jack Link’s plant in Minong, Wisconsin.

They even got to meet Jack Link’s own mythical manbeast, Sasquatch!

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