MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – While Teddy Bridgewater‘s future is still up in the air, each new development in his recovery gives Vikings fans more reason to be optimistic.

Last August, Bridgewater went down during practice with a gruesome knee injury. The team announced immediately that the 24-year-old quarterback would miss the entirety of the 2016-17 season. His future beyond that was also in doubt.

Now, no one knows if or when Bridgewater will actually return to the field, but his recovery has inspired hope. A picture Bridgewater posted on Instagram Thursday shows he is farther along in his recovery than most people expected.

(credit: Teddy Bridgewater/Instagram)

The picture shows Bridgewater working out on the field – not extraordinary in and of itself, but look closer and you’ll see he is sans knee brace.

Fans’ first glimpse of Bridgewater working out post-injury came in March, when he posted a video on social media of himself dropping back. Since that video, the knee brace has been a constant in all recovery-related pictures and videos.

Thursday’s post shows just how far Bridgewater has come since his injury. Less than one year later, he’s not only back on the field working out, he’s doing it without a knee brace.

Again, Bridgewater’s future is still unclear, but when you’re a Vikings fan, you’ve got to take hope wherever you can get it.

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