EMILY, Minn. (WCCO) — One of the best parts of living in Minnesota is getting to enjoy the lake on a warm, summer day.

That’s why we’re visiting cabin country all summer long to show off the best of what our state has to offer.

For this week’s Goin’ to the Lakes tour, Liz Collin and Chris Shaffer are in Emily, which is about two-and-a-half-hours north of the Twin Cities.

Getting Set For Emily Day

Emily City Park is the site of Saturday’s big Emily Day Celebration.

Emily Day was the brain child of some business owners back in 1989, and it has been going strong ever since.

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Now Emily Day may be just that — one day — but Liz and Chris learned they pack in a lot of fun into those 24 hours.

“It starts from 7 to 11 in the morning. The Snowbirds Snowmobile Club will have their pancake breakfast. From there, people can come into the park here. We’ve got food vendors set up and a craft fair going on. We’ve got a chainsaw carver, we’ve got beer gardens,” said Emily Day co-chair Suzy Brannan.

One of the best things about coming on these lake trips is getting to visit all the places you guys tell us to go, and one of those places in Emily is Sweets N’ Such. It’s right off of Highway 6 when you get into Emily, and they’ve got some great ice cream.

Golfing At Emily Greens

When you’re up at the lake, there are plenty of fun things to do — and not all them involve being on the water.

Golf is big in the Emily area, and they have a very special hole at Emily Greens.

When Liz and Chris heard about their Number 17 hole — which has the largest green in the state — they had to see if their putting skills were up to par.

A big thank you to Greg Gamble for taking them out on the course!

Emily Meats And Reddings

One stop into Emily Meats and it was easy to see why it’s loved by so many who come up to this area.

They’ve got everything you need to keep the grill going, whether you’re at the lake for a week or just the weekend.

Once you’ve got all the meat you need, you can go across the street and get loaded up with just about everything else you need to have fun at the lake.

Redding’s Sports and Spirits is the place to get a fishing pole, a new sweatshirt and a drink or two! They really have anything you need.

And how’s this for a business motto: “Beer, Bait, Booze and Bullets!”

The Pontoon Life On Ruth Lake

It wouldn’t be much of a lake trip if Liz and Chris didn’t take some time to actually get out on the lake. And Friday was the perfect day to do it.

And luckily, local realtor Sharon Timmons invited them for a morning cruise on Ruth Lake.


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