MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — These are the four stories you need to know about for Wednesday, July 19. They include a new study on diabetes in America, and a video gaming blast from the past going back to the future.

Australia’s Prime Minister Comments On Shooting

Australia’s Prime Minister is speaking out for the first time since a Minneapolis police officer shot and killed Justine Damond. Malcom Turnbull calls it a shocking killing and is demanding answers. Damond is originally from Australia. She called 911 over the weekend to report an assault outside her south Minneapolis home. Officer Mohammed Noor fired his gun as Damond approached the driver’s side of their squad car.

Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission To Meet

President Donald Trump’s voter fraud commission is set to meet for the first time. The Trump administration created it to investigate the president’s allegations that millions of people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton. The commission got off to a rocky start after many states denied requests for voter data, including Minnesota.

Study: Diabetes Epidemic In U.S.

A new Centers for Disease Control report finds more than 100 million Americans have diabetes or pre-diabetes. The statistics also show nearly one in four adults with diabetes don’t know they have the condition. Doctors say a simple blood draw can help slow the trend, along with proper diet and exercise.

Atari Launches New Game Console

For the first time in more than 20 years, Atari is launching a video game console. It’s called Ataribox and looks a bit like the old, iconic device that played Pong and Asteroids. The new console will come in two versions: black and red, and wood. No word yet on timing, pricing or specs.