MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – There are just 195 days until the Super Bowl comes to Minneapolis and officials want to make sure U.S. Bank Stadium is in tip-top shape.

On Monday morning, workers are set to begin to repair leaky panels on the exterior of the billion-dollar facility, securing those panels with fasteners.

There are more than 440,000 square feet of panels on the stadium, but this work only involves about 30,000 square feet of the panels.

Work will take four weeks in some areas, and up to 12 in others.

With less than seven months to go before the big game, the safety of the stadium is a top priority.

“The goal here is to have a very stabilized secure building that’s permanent. The fixes have to be permanent to really protect the public,” Kathleen Blatz, the former interim MSFA Chair, told WCCO-TV on Friday.

By starting the work now, stadium officials said it will have the least impact on the public.

The stadium is under warranty so the public will not be on the hook for the repair bill.

  1. Yea, no worries. It will never end up like the Childrens Science Museum $26 million in water damages due to incompetent inbred government employees monitoring the construction and ok’ing obvious faulty construction and design.

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