MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — People in parts of the south metro were lucky to avoid damage from Tuesday night’s storms, only to get hit Wednesday morning.

Trees and power lines were down in several areas in Cottage Grove. Xcel Energy says there were more than 2,300 customers without power after the storm.

Alyssa Glover, who moved into her Cottage Grove neighborhood two months ago, woke up to a new landscaping project.

“Nature took its course before we did,” Glover said.

A giant tree they had planned to take down in the fall was ripped right out of the ground and fell over. It took out their fence and landed on their new neighbor’s garage.

“That was our primary concern was do we pay for it? Do our neighbors pay for it?,” Glover said.

The owner of the Green Leaf Tree Service stopped by to take the tree down. He said he had six stops by 11 a.m. Wednesday.

Just a mile drive down the road, a neighborhood was full of downed trees. And people are still without power.

“Originally they told me 9 o’clock. Now it’s 3 o’clock. So we ordered pizza,” Danit Casper of Cottage Grove said.

Alyssa says she found out Wednesday morning her insurance will take care of her property, while her neighbor’s insurance will cover their side. She said she just wants to be a good neighbor.

“This is getting taken care of and we’re set for a little bit hopefully knock on wood.”

The storms eventually cleared and much calmer weather is expected the next several days.

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