MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Minneapolis officials announced Thursday that the city is joining other cities across the country in posting deleted climate change data from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.

Officials say the city is making sure people have access to information on climate change, so they posted a snapshot of the EPA site before it was removed.

“[Minneapolis] is committed to taking action to adapt to climate threats while reducing its dependence on fossil fuel,” officials said in a statement. “When we burn fossil fuels such as coal and gas, we pump more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. This buildup creates a blanket effect, trapping in heat around the world. If nothing is done to halt this process, the planet we leave our children will be hotter with more violent weather, fewer species and disrupted systems such as food chains.”

Other major cities — including Atlanta, Boston, Houston, San Francisco, and Seattle – have posted the information as well.

Officials say Minneapolis is already taking action on climate change, which includes its “nation-leading” Climate Action Plan and “first-in-the-nation” Clean Energy Partnership.