MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Starting Friday, a number of Minneapolis restaurants will include an extra fee with your meal to fund health care.

Barbette, the Bryant Lake Bowl and the Bird are just a few of Kim Bartmann’s restaurants. She’s adding a 3 percent service charge to customer’s checks to offset the rising cost of healthcare for her employees.

It comes to 60 cents for every $20 spent.

Health and dental benefits have been part of Bartmann’s business for many years.

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  1. Bill Toth says:

    This is what happens when you allow government to become your master. In addition to your health care providers you have to give your master a large “slice” and provide for their nice pensions while they do not do a single thing to cure you.

    1. Liberals believe that welfare, unemployment and other government handouts are a lifestyle. Most reasonable Americans know that these programs are safety nets and should be a bridge from a tough, short term situation to a better life and prosperity. What a shame!

      This has now attracted many more illegals, who are ready for the free education, free health care and free government handouts.

      Everything Obama and the democrats touch becomes unaffordable. My health insurance is now 650/month, my taxes are closing in on 50% (in New York), and even my subway pass is now over $100/month (in NYC). Stuff that is still private enterprise is super cheap. Car insurance ($25 per month from Insurance Panda), cell phone ($22/month from T Mobile), and gym ($15/month from Planet Fitness). Even crime and murder rates are through the roof.

      The government destroys everything. And these liberal buffoons want an increase in government!

      The Democratic Party = lying, cover-up scheming, socialists. It does not matter who you vote for today as long as it is not a Democrat. All Democrats need to lose their jobs and positions. They are ruining America.

      1. Sam Wise says:

        Govt your master? Hardly.

        Doesn’t anyone in USA read their own laws and regs?

        1. “Exempt income” and “Income that is not” … are codified (legally defined) in U.S. tax regulations.
        2. According to regulations, most Americans don’t owe any income tax.

        Computer scientist data mines tax code for deductions, finds excluded income.
        whatistaxed c om

  2. Steve Wilson says:

    If they’re good socialists why don’t they just take it out of their evil profits?

    1. I don’t blame them. You’re going to pay for it one way or another so why not show customers what it’s costing them and YOU.

    2. Instead of a 20% tip, leave 17%. Done.

  3. Michael Lang says:

    Typical lib idiocy. Pay the cost yourself…don’t expect others to pay it for you. Oh wait…you do expect it don’t you? So glad I left Mpls over 20 years ago.

  4. So what was their excuse for overcharging before? eating out is not even worth it if you ask me except for some niche places.. give me my cast iron set and my grill and I can whip up gourmet better then the restaurants. Just practice reverse searing and that’s the only technique you will ever need to grill like a pro.

  5. How long before customers quit coming to your restaurant, and you do not have to worry about health care for your employees because you have none. Examine how many restaurants are closing in Seattle and San Francisco. Liberals do not understand how business works.

    1. http://redalertpolitics.com/2017/07/27/emails-seattle-mayor-colluded-liberal-professor-create-bogus-minimum-wage-study/#Wt0Y4Skmv975rx8m.99

      Newly-discovered emails between Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s office and researchers at the University of California-Berkeley show an intimate level of coordination in planning the release and press coverage of a minimum wage study. The study they released found Seattle’s minimum wage raised wages for workers without raising unemployment.

      Berkeley released their study on June 20, which was just six days before the University of Washington published their study. UW researchers found that low-income workers’ wages raised 3 percent, but their hours dropped by 9 percent — meaning the average worker lost $125 per month since the hike.SNIP

      If only someone had had the foresight to warn them what would happen. /s smh You can’t show progs how to breathe and expect them to believe you, let alone anything that requires critical thinking.

  6. I have to pay for my insurance, pay for the poor, pay for those who simply choose not to work, pay for the elderly, pay for those who come to this country illegally,
    pay for the government and each branch of our armed forces, and now you want me to pay for your employees’ insurance as well? I am going to decline. Cooking at home is a healthier choice anyway.

    1. But what we pay most of all for is the big fat luxury retirement pensions of government workers

    2. Joyce Koster says:

      Please explain your comment ‘paying for the elderly’. We paid our way for years, paying into Social Security, etc., so how did you arrive at your off-the-wall comment? You are NOT paying for the elderly….think about your stupid comment! That is if you’re capable…

      1. James Cygnus says:

        A greater and greater number of elderly did not work their entire lives and contribute. The unchecked expansion of unemployment benefits, “disabled” status, etc. has ensure that tens of millions of elderly will suck down far, far more than they ever contribute. Me? I’m 52 and when I analyze my social security statement, if I retire at 75 – yes 75 – I’ll have to lie to be about 122 to get back what I paid into the system. And that’s using today’s standards. I’m sure in 20 years my retirement age will be pushed to 80+, ensuring I only get a fraction back of what I paid in.

        But, hey. It’s only fair for all the “oppressed” people that my immigrant great grandparents and native American ancestors oppressed, right?

    3. Rick Fischer says:

      My Medicare and Social Security is paid from the money I paid into Al Gore’s Lockbox for forty years. It’s my own money “invested” in my own retirement. Of course we know it’s really a Liberal Ponzi scheme. Wait until you retire and find it’s all bankrupt. Getting out of Minnesota 17 years ago was the best decision I ever made.

      1. Mary Gudobba says:

        All of you that believe that you paid for your own SS and Medicare, incorrect, you paid for someone else’s, now other people are paying for yours. I can’t wait until I get to collect.

  7. Bella Fru says:

    Well if I Go back I’ll just tip less

    1. I’d bet money if you asked the employees n private they would tell you, hell no we dont get bennefits. Maybe some are family members and one or two are full time and do but most will be the under 30 hour people and get swat. My close neighbor works in Minny at a very fine italian restuarant her uncle owns and they get squat. Nada.

  8. Hal Slusher says:

    This is how capitalism works rising cost of doing business is always passed on to consumer

    1. Except this was an artificial cost foisted

      1. ah, the old “artificial cost foisted” of employees having health insurance. Boy, we’ve really reached the pinnacle of excess now guys.

        1. Charlie Gard is the poster child (literally) for “pinnacle of excess-ive” govt control, of a healthcare system. Correction: WAS the poster child of a single payer system. The bureaucrats dictated not only to let him die, but also to DENY HIS PARENTS THEIR “RIGHT” to take their own child home to live his last days. “Pinnacle of excess” writ LARGE, moron.

    2. The concept of “There is no free lunch” is a universal truth, not a capitalistic one….

  9. I guess I will just have to stop leaving a tip…….

  10. Bokshil Kim says:

    Liberals have the socialist Utopia they have dreamed of. How nice.

  11. chrismireya says:

    Ike’s sandwiches in California has been doing this for several years now. You are charged 75 cents for each transaction now.

  12. How about a fee to cover vacations to DisneyWorld?

  13. Great idea, now go the rest of the way. Pay a fair market wage and list all the payroll taxes and government mandates on the bill to educate your customers. No tipping.

  14. Ilene Wright says:

    It’s call VAT – Value added tax. Every country with socialized medicine has it. In most of Europe, VAT averages 20%. This is what socialism looks like

  15. Doug Oritz says:

    Let’s see; acceptable tipping minimum is now 20% (and that’s if your a cheap), now +3% healthcare. So my $20.00 meal is really 24.60 + 7% sales tax, so $26.00. That sounds like such a good deal for a burger, fries and a coke! Only other choice would be a steak and wine at home.

  16. We wont be eating there, any more. Owner was foolish to publicize this…shot self in foot.

  17. Simple solution. Just deduct 3% of the bill from any tip you would have left.

  18. This is just how it is going to be if you see health care (not insurance) as a right. These people don’t do it for free it is in fact princely expensive no matter whether you pay for it your employer pays,your insurance company or the government. It is just too expensive for any of us to afford. We have to either accept the outrageous prices and all pay our fair share as a socialist system or else consider the best health care is the one you can can afford to pay for or have none. No different than auto, Life, or any other kind of INSURANCE. Rather simple really but it will never be legislated by any government because they always spend other peoples money.

  19. Russ Foster says:

    I guess that the “Affordable Healthcare Act” isn’t so “affordable”…….is it?

  20. Same thing happened with obamacare. Sorry, servers, like then, you won’t get a tip now, either.

  21. Sorry I have a hard time paying for my own, let alone paying extra for someone else….If I go into a place to eat and see a sign stating so…I will turn around and leave….yes it’s only 60 cents on a $20 bill but where does it end???? well Mn is a big liberal suck a$.$ state anyways.

    1. You aren’t paying for someone else. You’re paying for the cost of the service, and part of that service is health care for the employees, which we as a society have decided is important. And if you can’t afford the cost of eating out, by all means, don’t.

      1. That is not an argument, it is mere semantics. The connection between more money leaving a customer’s pocket and health care “insurance” for employees is a straight line. What you’re attempting to do is run that straight, logical line (an easy, simple concept to grasp) through a maze to justify your misconception that health care “insurance” is a right. Health care “insurance” is no more a right than “health” is.

  22. Russ Foster says:

    Liberal Socialism is just Great……..until other peoples money runs out. This lesson will be learned soon. It was in Venezuela.

  23. Thanks, democRats!
    See you in 2018, losers.

  24. From Huffpo, 2014:


    “Adding An ‘Obamacare Surcharge’ To Restaurant Bills Is A Terrible Idea”

  25. This has been happening in San Francisco for a couple of years now.

  26. No problem… It just comes off the tip now.. Happy liberals?

  27. Barley Booth says:

    I am not passing judgment here, just making an observation.
    Marketing ploy pure and simple. The same as raising prices, but you are just showing your customer the reason as opposed to your competition who may be 60 cents cheaper because they do not provide this to their employees.

  28. Seema Jooya says:

    And it begins…. and up and up and up it goes. Thank you, first to john roberts, and now john mccain – no haven’t forgotten, but bo is is bo, POST-AMERICA, so who cares anymore — for locking in and throwing away the key to bo-care albatross around our necks when we voted YOU IN, toiled, dreamed, hoped, voted again and again, for 8 freaking years, because of YOUR and your GOP colleagues (murkowski, collins) explicit promises that together we would get this THING off our shoulders.

    Now, john, you can die, knowing progresso-bleedingheart millionaires and billionaires with their private Concierge medical services, will elevate and celebrate you as their new BFF, and oh, two birds for one stone, you’ve managed to save your, your family’s, and friends’ large Healthcare portfolios you all worked so hard to up and preserve over 8 ****ing years.

  29. Robert Boone says:

    Time to find another restaurant.

  30. Wait A minute. Can’t ‘ they just pay for healthcare using “free money”? (You know, from the free money tree).

  31. Please let us know if any of the national chains do this so we don’t accidentally patronize them.

  32. Mark Deckard says:

    Dont look now but for about 100 years the paycheck of employees has also been built into the cost of restaurant meals. In fact the cost of insurance is built into product pricing in every industry. Why all the hate? She’s taking care of her people and pricing it in. If her product still sells then capitalism is working.

  33. Vox Veritas says:

    Obamacare was/is a lie.

    Obama was/is a liar.

  34. We already pay for employees health care in the cost of the meal! She is just trying to a way to make customers “feel good” about the increase instead of simply raising prices over all. Smart move on her part.

  35. This is part of the cost of doing business and you are supposed to include these costs in the price of your product. If you tack on these fees without warning your customers beforehand it is a deceptive business practice. It is unethical and it should be illegal.

  36. Not a very long story nor is it prominently located, like above the fold on page one, instead it is buried deep, even on the Drudge Report. There are a number of simple reasons for this of course. Now the media can say, “We covered the story. We reported it.” The foremost reason is that this represents the failure of their ‘golden President’s’ signature accomplishment while proving the Republicans, particularly President Trump, are completely correct when they state Obamacare is an utter disaster and a total failure.
    One would think that an issue like this one, which has far more impact on the average American, you and I, would get as much air time and ink as something so amorphous as the fabricated plant of the Russian collusion fantasy, but no way. This doesn’t fit in with the plan of the media and their democrcat masters to destroy the administration and sabotage the government with that end in mind.
    At least some good is beginning to surface in that it finally energized a few Republicans to stand up and do the right thing; start investigations into democrat wrong doing. Hillary and her e-mails and the evidence destruction that goes along with that, the obstruction of justice with former Obama A.G. Loretta Lynch, the weaponization of the Obama IRS via Lois Lehner, the felonious unmasking of hundreds of American citizens after the election by the Obama NSC head, Susan Rice and too many more to mention individualy.
    This mountain of sedition is finally being recognized for what it is and the damage done to the nation. The events and behaviors involved in these activities will shock the American people because they are real, they actually occurred and with approval from the highest authority and unlike what the left is trying to criminalize with the current investigation these are real crimes, there is no ambiguity here. These activities threatened the very nature, ideology and survival of our government and the survival of this country as a free state.
    Not bad stuff for something which had it’s genesis reported on page twenty of the
    ‘Bohunk Beacon’, wouldn’t you say? I guess it goes to show that no matter how good one is with a shovel, you just can’t bury something that ain’t dead and the story of the massive corruption that is the Democrat National Committee (DNC), and that of democrat party is far from dead despite the best efforts of the left and the RINO wing of the Republican party. All I can say is the left better hope they don’t bring out the RICO statutes with it’s enhanced penalties or we may never see many of them ever again, but then again, that just might be a good thing.
    Rich in New Mexico.

  37. Dave Barnes says:

    Weasel move. Why not raise prices by 3%?

  38. Dan Ashley says:

    They are doing the same thing in Las Vegas. There is no truth to the quoted hotel prices. There is a resort fee, a parking fee, a bellman fee, etc. I never do business with firms that tack on fees. If they need to raise prices, then do so. But do not lie to me about prices.

  39. Jack Cooper says:

    So no tip since its built in. I don’t see an issue here. Oh BTW be looking for cheap used restaurant equipment on Craigslist

  40. Looks like the owners that grab the tips.

  41. Most restaurants keep their employees work hours under the limit that would require them to pay any type of benefits. It will go to the restaurant’s bottom line and the employees will never see it.

  42. Anti-racists say there is a RACE problem that can only be solved when the third world pours into EVERY White country and “assimilates.”

    What if I said there was a RACE problem that could only be solved if hundreds of millions of non-Blacks were brought into EVERY Black country? How long before people realize I’m not talking about a RACE problem, but the conclusion to the BLACK problem?

    They say they are anti-racist. What they are is anti-White.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White.

  43. Nothing new here…San Francisco has been doing this since 2012…

    1. You’re a genius! I like it!!!!!

  44. This whole story reeks of fake news. I bet someone local with political connections put this bleeding heart up to it to make it seem like it’s cool and everyone’s doing it. What’s the payoff? Look behind the scenes. Is it George Soros? Getting warmer.

  45. Can we get a full list of establishments doing this so I know where NOT to spend my money?

    1. blenderrecipes says:

      All the restaurants have to increase prices to cover this increase in their costs, some are just up front enough to tell you about why your bill went up.

  46. blenderrecipes says:

    Liberals will blame the restaurants, just watch.

  47. David Keller says:

    Stop eating at these rest.if you do not agree.

  48. Lulua Mahalo says:

    Meanwhile, the Republican ‘Establishment’ aka RINOs aka Republican Wing of the Democratic Party have become Progressives.

    AND, the left’s Democratic Party is now the anti-America party and the real party of ‘NO’!


  49. Hamo Cole says:

    Won’t eat at those restaurants any more . . . .

  50. If your costs go up raise your prices. I don’t need politics in a restaurant. I’m there to eat. It costs what it costs.

  51. What a terrific idea! I’d pay that at any eatery anywhere. Those poor waiters and waitresses, bussers, cooks and dishwashers need health coverage too and they can’t afford it on the non existent or tiny tips left by MOST customers. Pay it forward, people!

    1. Tips, aka gratuities (as in gratitude, grateful), are given as a token of appreciation for the ‘quality’ of service customers receive, not what the waiter/waitress, etc, ‘wants’ to get or feels entitled to. If they’re getting tips that don’t live up to their expectations, the FIRST thing they should consider is the quality of the service they are providing, NOT their personal opinions of who is, or isn’t, tipping them.

  52. elskid says:

    15% -3% = 12% tip.

  53. elskid says:

    This is a LIVING example for those who promote taxing corporations. Corporations ALWAYS pass on their business expense to their customers. ALL business operates under the “cost of service = expense + profit margin” model.
    People who demand higher corporate tax must not realize that it is they, the customer, who will pay it for them.

  54. Any place I go to shop and they have this fee on it for their employees healthcare then I don’t shop at those places anymore…..I have a hard-enough time paying the inflated price because of the Democrats who passed this $hit bill….

  55. Beth White says:

    I usually tip far more than 3%. But if they want to calculate the tip for me and put it on the bill, then so be it. That is what they will get.

    1. Rest have learned that if you use a credit card, savy buyers are aware they cannot add a gratuity to the bill without your approval. They got around that by changing it to the word ‘service fee’. The best way to say no is just stop going to the places that charge this and let them go under. Lesson learned the hard way

  56. If I can barely afford my own, why would I want to pay for someone else’s?