By Mike Max

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — When Tyrone Carter arrived on campus, little did anyone know he was just getting started in Minnesota.

His latest venture is teaching football in small settings in the summer, and that means training on the sand — by design, the way he grew up in Florida.

tyrone carter Training With Former Gopher Tyrone Carter Is No Day At The Beach

(credit: CBS)

“My parents didn’t have money to send me to no training school or nothing like that, so we had to deal with what, the avenue, what we had,” Carter said. “The beach sand, I always did beach workout myself because working and understanding your body and doing things in the sand with it sinking, and you put me on flat land, man, I tell you what.”

This is where hopefuls punish themselves, looking for an edge.

tyrone carter training Training With Former Gopher Tyrone Carter Is No Day At The Beach

(credit: CBS)

“The goal is to work hard before I get to camp so I’m able to get a start at the position and hopefully keep working and hopefully go to the league,” Andre Eubanks said.

“I let these kids know what this game is all about. If you want it and if you cheating yourself, I’m not going to say, ‘Hey, it’s OK,’ when it’s not OK,” Carter said. “I want to make sure they understand I’m going to praise them when they do something good and I’m going to be after them when they do something bad too.”

It helps that he’s been to the big dance — the NFL.

“They’re surprised, a lot of them. Most people talk about being good, being the best, but nobody really wants to go out there and put in that hard work, that hard grind. And that’s the thing, I always tell them mind over matter. Don’t let your body tell your mind what to do,” Carter said.

That brings us to another question: Could this apply to our roster?

We’ve seen Liz Collin in her Goin’ to the Lake episodes. And we’ve seen Molly Rosenblatt. Seems like child’s play.

Could they survive this?

“No, they wouldn’t make it. I guarantee they wouldn’t make it. They won’t make it with me,” Carter said. “They probably ain’t do them drills like I did.

“I’ll put them through it, I guarantee you they’ll probably throw up.”


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