MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — These are the four stories you need to know about for Monday, July 31. They include news that should encourage many air travelers, and changeover in the Trump administrative staff roster.

Putin Reduces Staff Of U.S. Diplomatic Team

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The State Department is calling Russia’s cutback of its American diplomatic team “a regrettable and uncalled for act.” Russian President Vladimir Putin’s said this weekend that the U.S. will have to reduce its embassy and consulate staff in Russia by 755. The order is in response to new sanctions approved by the U.S. Congress that President Donald Trump is expected to sign off on this week.

New Chief Of Staff Begins Monday

President Trump begins his week with a new chief of staff. He’ll swear in former Homeland Security secretary general John Kelly. Kelly is taking over for Reince Priebus, who was pushed out last week after a fallout with the Trump administration.

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Snapchat Set For Free Trading

It could be a tough day on Wall Street for the owner of Snapchat. Hundreds of millions of snap sharers held back since the company’s initial public offering in March will be traded freely. That could put pressure on the stock price. Snap shares have fallen about 50 percent since the company’s IPO, which was the third largest debut for an American tech company.

FAA Ordered To Review Plane Seat Sizes

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The Federal Aviation Administration is under a federal court order to review the sizes of seats and legroom on commercial airlines. It’s a victory for Flyers’ Rights, an advocacy group that has pushed for new rules regulating seat sizes. The group offered evidence that the average width of seats has been cut an inch and a half over the last decade. It also argues small airline seats can put passengers’ health at risk for conditions like blood clots.