By Reg Chapman

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Neighbors in Southwest Minneapolis are on alert after reports of a man exposing himself to several women near the chain of lakes.

Neighbors have reported at least nine incidents near Lake Harriet and Lake Nokomis over the last few weeks.

Some also told police the man grabbed them.

Cheryllyne Vaz says she was walking home from a doctor’s appointment near her South Minneapolis home when…

“The blue car pulled in over here and parked right by that garage over there,” said Cheryllyne Vaz.

She thought it was one of her neighbors, so she waved hello.

“He smiled, he waved back and he made as if to go back in so you know I didn’t think much,” said Vaz.

Vaz kept walking but says she decided to look back.

‘That’s when I turned around and I noticed that he had opened the trunk and he was buck naked,” said Vaz.

Vaz says she noticed two EMT close by, she went to them for help.

“I basically said, ‘I think this guy is ill. I don’t know whether he’s had a sun stroke but he doesn’t seem to have his clothes on. Can you go check on him?’ and they said, ‘We will call the police and we will check on him,’” said Vaz.

It wasn’t until a neighbor went to Nextdoor and posted a detailed map of where similar incidents have happened that she knew she had to speak with police.

From Lake Harriet to Lake Nokomis, at least nine reports have been made.

southwest minneapolis exposing and assault incidents Multiple Reports Of Man Exposing Himself To Women In Southwest Minneapolis

(credit: CBS)

Police are becoming concerned because the last two incidents the naked stranger’s behavior is escalating.

“I just thought he was ill because his face was flush red it was a 90 degree day so I just thought he was dehydrated and didn’t know what he was doing,” Vaz said.

The last two reported incidents near Lake Harriet have police concerned.

July 12, the man knocked a woman off her bicycle and assaulted her.

Four days later a naked man approached two women walking along the lake and grabbed them both.

Minneapolis Park Police are investigating.

Right now they are trying to determine if more than one person is responsible.

Some of the victims have different descriptions of the car used.

Police have stepped up patrols in the areas and neighbors are carrying their phones to hopefully help police by catching the guy on camera, in the act.

Comments (2)
  1. Jen Adler says:

    I first saw this story over a week ago in City Pages. Multiple women stated they contacted the police and were entirely disregarded. Ignored. Funny how that part of the story isn’t mentioned. Almost as funny as how women literally have to wait until men start “escalating” their sexual assaults to direct physical contact before women are taken seriously by the police.

  2. Bring Al Franken back to the group home and explain to him why this is bad (for the 40th time) and take away his dessert cup for a week.

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